Draft deletion bugs info and help


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Before you try anything yourself, after all we do want you guys to be safe. Ask a staff member from hopscotch, and read this post too,
Here is some info on Draft deletion bug
the draft deletion bug is a bug that deletes the code of you draft, dude73 says:
" The objects are still there, but i just don't see the code" Another person says that their entire draft was deleted. We've been through this too, we discovered from rawrbear, that it's usually caused by lots of music blocks, try this in the mean time while staff fix it:

Here's some help:
Firstly, only do this to projects with a lot of music, every day or every time you edit it, publish and unpublished, don't worry, it'll be saved in your drafts.
Another way is to just not out a lot of music in your projects, I know this is bad news to a lot of people, but you'll be able to do it some other time, unless you want to risk your priceless time on a project that has a 50% chance of breaking. If it happens, explain it to a staff member, they can help, and maybe it will help them find how to fix it