Downloading Posts, and How to view them



Here is how you can download all your posts/topics that you have created on the forum. The process is pretty simple, but here is how to do it on a pc. This will mostly be the same process to do on a Mac, but this will be more difficult/different doing it on an iPad/iPhone etc.

  1. First we will want to start off with going onto your profile by clicking your icon up in the top right corner. Then scroll down a bit until you see the 'Download My Posts' option. Now Click/tap on that button.

2. Click 'Yes' if this window pops up. Note: You can only download your posts once a day!

3. Now you should receive a message in your forum inbox. Open that message, and click on that link. You should see the file start to download. As it says, this link will only work for the next 48 hours, which is 2 days.

4. Once the file is downloaded, open it. It should be a ’ZIP’ file, so depends on what software you use will depend on what it will open in. For default it will open in the explorer/finder windows. There should be a file inside that zipped folder. If you have Microsoft Excel like me, it should open with ease. Same goes for numbers etc. Now you should see all of your posts, just expand the cells and now you have a backup/archive!

Hope this helps (somehow) :grinning:
- ColeDJ/BestesColesNZ


Awesome :smiley: I have always been wondering what "downloading your posts" meant!


i still don't get what it means.


Means that the posts/topics you have created, the text from them gets put into one document on your computer :smile:


I'm on my iPad where does it go on my iPad?
(I'm using the desktop version on my iPad)