Downloading art onto hopscotch from other apps?


How do u download drawings/art off other apps onto hopscotch (if you can cos I don't know whether you can or not) pls tell me. Also, if there's a way to download music (off GarageBand) Thx!!



I don't think you can

You can take a picture, and get it in the editor if you have the subscription

But no you probably can't download other things off other apps


If you have the Hopscotch subscription, then you can take a screenshot or save the art from whatever your using and put it on Hopscotch :D

Unfortunately, there is no way to get music in Hopscotch. Although, you can make your own music using the notes in Hop! I've done it a few times, it's very fun! ;D


As an extra, there is also a quicker way to put music in Hopscotch with MR.GAM3R's MIDI hack actually (it will still be in the Hopscotch default notes but it is automatic rather than you having to put each note manually) :smiley:


there is the screnshot feature that u can use


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does anyone know how to actually do this?

(the hack)


u can just copy a link or something