Download the *new* Hopscotch beta!



Hey Hops!

Thank you SO much for all your help testing our new apps! You’ve done a killer job.

We’re getting down to the wire and working out final bugs. Can you help us make sure the iPhone and iPad apps are ready for prime time?

Download the latest (and greatest?!) beta, and play around with the editor on the iPad and iPhone. We’d especially appreciate your help testing:

  • using values and making new values
  • using abilities and making new abilities
  • using complex math
  • clones
  • having lots of text objects

Here’s the link: You will need to trust Hopscotch to download it: Settings --> Profiles (& device management) --> Hopscotch.

Let us know what is broken, confusing, or otherwise not working. As always, screenshots and detailed explanations of bugs are most helpful :slight_smile:

Huge thanks from all of us at Hopscotch,
Asha, Rodrigo, Sam, Thomas, Nina, Meg, Jocelyn, and Liza

PS: Here's what we look like trying to hunt all the bugs:

Hopscotch Beta 3.0 testing + New Characters
I Found A Weird But Cool Glitch
People who are losing their iPads over Summer
How to do collab accounts without risking drafts!
Were back! Were glad too as well. 😀

Yay! Does anybody know if you can download the Hopscotch Beta with a school iPad? We can't download regular apps from the App Store, so does anyone know if we can download this?


Yay! I will download later!


I had the same question. :smile:


I hope The Hopscotch Team get all the :bug: :bug:s out!


I'm defiantly going to download it if I can!


IPad trying to download with this when I tap it...

(This is after the download, and trying to tap the app)


It happened again! (Is it my IPad?)


It depends by your school. Question: do you have AirWatch installed on your iPad?


I think you can go to settings and trust Hopscotch. Wait a moment, i will check if you can.


:wink: I definetly will!!!


Ok! I trusted them! I'm in!


Yea, it depends... I'll check if it works on mine


Login is messed up!


Nice! I don´t have any free space on the ipad, so i can´t download it. But do you need a special account for beta testing to use the app?


Messed up or updated?


I don't think so...


Regular login:

Messed up login:



I will download it

P.s why was my topic closed?


Ok, i never log out so i don´t remember how the login screen looks :slight_smile: