Download new Hopscotch update!



Same, It Didn't Work Though '~'


you deleted hopscotch?


4 Times! It Still Didn't Work, AHHHHHH!


I meant fix this....sorry about that.... And .the new update is very confusing and I know you guys worked very hard but it's really messing with our brains is there any chance to change the layout of the editor and the coding blocks?.?
As I mentioned before a lot of people are leaving if you go unto hopscotch I am sure u will se about 10 the newest ..
It would be amazing if you could change this....


@liza please see this!


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Maybe you could fix it @Rodrigo not fox it?

Just givin' you a hard time!


Tayasui sketches


Lol.................... That was what I meant lol so sorry..


I have gotten used to the new update and I have to say, you did an outstanding job. I love the new features and coding portrait is something really smart to do. I appreciate all the work u put into the update! @Liza @Rodrigo


Thank you very much, @Kawaii_Lover. We really appreciate your good comments. I think I'm gonna come up with some super cool games.

Also, it wasn't just Liza and me, it was the whole team :slight_smile:


@Rodrigo @Liza
I recently started adding numerous comments to my first project (still in-process) so that I (and others after it's published) can understand the code. To do this I used a Set Value block & pasted the comments in from Notepad. I'm sure that I'm not the only person to do this as commenting your code is/should be a standard practice.

However with the new update the comment text is no longer legible. The new editor collapses the text to a set length while the old editor expanded the fields to the length of the inserted text.

Can this behavior be "fixed" in a forthcoming update for backwards compatibility with existing projects?
(Even better would be the addition of proper Comment blocks)

Note: there is something else causing a lack of backwards compatibility as some cloned objects no longer appear when executing the code from the new editor, but I can't comment further without some additional investigation.


never knew you could do that.
cool for true/false


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Congrats I guess...? XD

I plan on writing a good amount of feedback about Hopscotch later! :D



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It looks sooooo cool! :scream::scream:


I found a glitch in the update :worried:

The interface is broken, plus the thing is actually still landscape orientation but the screen was on portrait when I took it.


I believe they said that was a bug that they're going to fix. But in the mean time you can delete objects from the code editor.

Press & release the object title and you'll get a menu from which you can select Delete.

Note: This is the same Cut/Copy/Delete menu you get on Whens & Blocks. In general, be super careful when Copying so you don't accidentially hit Delete.