Download new Hopscotch update!



Oh, ok thank you so much!


Yey!! :D
Just a few questions...

  • How do you paste blocks?
  • Could there be a way to put it in landscape mode?


I like the new update so far!
I haven't explored all of it yet, and I hope I'll eventually get more time to.

I do like that you can watch the video tutorials on there :slight_smile:

It's also awesome that the code can be more clean :D

And the record button is back :3


It's great!


Can you do sth about how it shows up to the community because it isn't

I have seen some bad criticisms and good criticisms but over all, I want to know if people thi links it's good so ....


  • over all I love the new update
  • overall I like it but not love
  • I kind of like it
  • I prefer the last one
  • I totally ha.te it < pls don't press this the hopscotch team took time to make it


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Hi @Liza! Theres a problom! Whenever i go to hopscotch its always facing vertical instead of horizntal! I shut down my iPad but it was still vertical! Please fix this if u can!


how about upgrading the editor to the first gen?

tabbed characters, blocks on left side, code in middle, and stage on right.


That's just the new update​:+1:


I know but i dont like it anymore :frowning:


To do copy and paste you just pres the bit you want to copy (in the corner) until the copy button appears above and then you just copy and paste like you normally would in another app.
Hope this helps and good Luck!:+1::grinning:


devs for killing the community


with the copy and paste thing can't you copy somebody else work. If you can do that i would suggest it not too because people can just copy old projects, and use them as their own! :frowning:

Edit: Seems to be you cant thats GOOD!!


I have that problem too!


Some additional perspective regarding the ergonomics of the orientation. I think I can articulate why many ppl object to portrait mode:

I see what you mean regarding an increase in the moment on your hand(s), but that's only if you're pinching the iPad at the bottom. I don't find that position comfortable even in landscape so I don't hold the iPad that way. My preference is to put the palm of one hand under the device, close to the center of gravity. Then when holding in portrait the CG moves slightly up/away, so so does the palm of my hand. Slightly less comfortable but not a big deal.

But here's the rub. When in landscape, you can move your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen with practically only motion of the wrist. However, when in portrait you have to move your forearm to reach from the top to the bottom. This additional motion quickly becomes uncomfortable.

Btw, I get the business perspective for wanting one orientation for both iPhone & iPad, but unfortunately the ergonomic interaction with two devices is not the same and IMHO app design needs to take those differences into account. How many iPad users do you have verses iPhone? If the majority use iPad and overwhelming response is that portrait mode degrades the iPad experience, perhaps THT should consider jettisoning the iPhone app if your business plan can't support multiple interfaces.

Thank you and THT for all the hard work to roll out new features and trying to improve the Hopscotch coding experience :+1:


to me its so annoying cause i love it horizontal


Horizontal is so much better, at least personally.


I dont get how people can get used to the new update.....


is it just me or does THT look like a face?


This is really useful feedback, @ThinBuffalo. Thank you so much.


To do that, you need to remix projects. Remixes are good. We like those. :slight_smile:


Oh, the copying part was my bad, I thought you could copy code outside of the project, that's a good system! :D