Download new Hopscotch update!



What? You updating?
Thanky, @Huggingfluffybear



Should I backup my drafts first?


No turning back now.


Yes, just in case.


There fine!

Dat update tho.



Uhh @liza HS doesn't cover the whole screen and I half to put it in landscape. Anyway to fix that?


And now every bodies like I hat.e it lol!


@liza a lot of people are leaving because of the update.....because they don't like it.... How can u fox this?


So now it lets me go landscape...
Now that i have finsihed the entire project already...


I can't wait to download it! :D


Just click it and press backspace, or drag it to the right of the screen. What's hard?


I've actually just noticed that you can adjust the thumbnail by 'pinching' the screen with two fingers when you publish your project :smiley:. It's pretty cool!


Is Hopscotch available on Nokia phones?


You misspelled the title it should be don't download new Hopscotch update at all costs or else


@Tigerlils, @happyfacegirl: There is a bug with deleting objects from on certain projects that were made in the old editor. This bug has been fixed and will be out soon in a small bug fix release we are finishing up now.

In the meantime, you can easily delete those objects 3 different ways from the block editor:
1. Use the delete key in the keyboard
2. Select them and click delete from the popup menu
3. Drag them to the side of the screen.



it will happen


My little brother used to make games for the baby to play but now there all broken


I really hope I get used to the update quickly. I really like the new features THT added! They are amazing! I just hope I get used to the format, and I know that I will soon. :slight_smile:


Is this just me seeing this? It looks like there is no space between the two sentences (BTW, this screen shot was really hard to take. I had to like bend my fingers lol)

I love how you guys took the time to add a cute little description for each shape.


Ok, all try that, thanks!