Download new Hopscotch update!



Objects. I haven't tried deleting code yet


Drag it to where the plus is. When you're dragging an object, the plus turns into the trash can.


I did do that! It just wouldn't let me delete!


The New Update Comes With A Record Button :heart_eyes:


I'm glad they added it back in!


WUT. :scream: MINDBLOWN!!!!!!!!!


Weird. It's letting me delete stuff.


They had it before? :slight_frown:


Maybe it's just a glitch


Yeah, in the update before this new one, things looked a lot different, and you could publish stuff in full screen without having to worry about things getting cut off, and they had a record button. :smile:


Maybe. Try swiping it away (aka exiting) and re-entering.


What I don't like so far, is the fact that we can't go landscape At All.
It makes it harder to type into the things, (smaller keyboard), and i just generally prefer landscape so its harder for me to code. I will try to get used to it, but you should add landscape back in.
Im trying to be constructive as much as i can.


I've been here long enough to know about the full screen. I just had no idea there was a record button! I'll say it again. I can be such a noob!


The update is ok, I know that I will get used to it (someday :slight_frown:). But deleting stuff is sooooooooooooo hard! And I mean everything: lines of code, objects, etc.. If you are going to keep the format the way it is, can you please at least make it easier to delete stuff?

I am Soooooooo sorry if this sounded rude at all!!



I have a hard time deleting too!


I did that too and it didn't delete!!!


I know! I repeatedly dragged the text on top of the delete button and it just wouldn't delete! It's so frustrating!


It was next to the ... button thing. The button with the red circle, if you remember.


Um... No.... (20 characters)



Here goes nothing!

Dem fast fingys @t7lks