Download new Hopscotch update!



When the loading icon for updates decides to not work ._.

It goes up, then down... The app store's really confused right now :P

Edit: when I deleted it it decided to work XD


For some reason I can't use Hopscotch in landscape mode since I got the update.


I think they removed that :s


Oh no! Is there someone from school you can talk to? Usually someone who works in IT can help you get app updates :slight_smile:

@WinningMonkey the older videos are still around, they're just not in the app anymore (because it would be confusing to see the old editor). You can find them all on YouTube: We'll add more in the future :slight_smile:

There are two reasons we are doing portrait now:

  1. We've done a lot of testing, and we think that it's actually faster and easier to code in the new version. You can roll all your code blocks up so that you can quickly get a sense of all the project's code. You can also tell which code belongs to which object easily. And by having all the code fold up into blocks, it will (eventually) be easy to copy and paste code from one project to another.

  2. When we had different iPad and iPhone versions, it meant that we were supporting two entirely different apps. This required a huge amount of work and meant that we had very little time to actually build new things. We don't want that, because there is so much we want to add to Hopscotch still!


I just graduated from 5th grade
Do I talk to Middle school or eleme.ntary school


Thanks Liza For Clearing That Up
Thant Now make A Lot More Sense


Woah! Sounds awesome! I can't wait to try it out! :D

I personally think Hopscotch is taking a turn and and bringing out the best of creativity in the design and the new math library! c:

Good work, HT! :D

Also, if anybody was wondering, an email about it just ended up in my inbox!

Congrats @Liza and the rest of the HT! You did amazing!


Wait, there's a new update!? :00000000

runs to App Store


Lisa, with the new update I don't understand anything at all. Everything's more complicated even though it's supposed to be easy. Unfortunately, since I don't understand I may have to quit coding and hopscotch. Hopefully it does not have to go that far.


Thanks @LazyLizard! It means a lot to us to hear that you :blue_heart: the math library and other new things!


Thank you @LazyLizard, we really appreciate this comments and yes, we want to bring out the best of us.

Thanks again.


It would help the Hopscotch Team if you said why you don't it :s
That way it can be made better :0


I updated my oldest, rarely used iPad and was somewhat disappointed. Maybe it's just my five year old iPad, but the new update is incredibly slow. It takes quite a long time to drag one block out, and has a very high chance of crashing my iPad. After chatting with Rodrigo, I had high hopes that you guys would return it to landscape, which unfortunately you did not. Honestly, it's a lot harder to hold an iPad portrait than it is landscape. The weight of the iPad is more dispersed and it's easier to hold upright when it's landscaped. I don't mind the coding format as much as the fact that we can only code portrait. If we could switch back and forth between landscape and portrait, I'd be more than happy to update the rest of my tablets.

There are plenty of good things about the new updates, mostly the new blocks. I guess it'll take time to get used to the new editor, but I'll take that change as the new editor doesn't commit any harm.

Also, I forgot to mention, it's weird that the projects can switch from landscape to portrait, but not the editor. :thinking:

ps. @Liza when are you going to put out that topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, I finished a pixel text art I was making in the new update. About a minute after it updated my dad asked if he saw it (because he got the email) :P.

It's really different. Making a project, it's not as hard as I thought, but the text thing I was making was pretty simple. I don't have any solids thoughts about it yet, it's just... Different.


I can tell that one was bottled up and brewed with a lot of thought, it has a few points that I can relate to :D


I don't understand ANYTHING


Thanks, @Liza and @Rodrigo! It means a lot! :D

I am going to wait for my grandma to bring her iPad when she comes to town! I am beyond excited to explore the new update! :D


Hi @Kiwicute2016 you're right in a couple of things: I've found myself hard to use Hopscotch in old iPads, specially mid-complex projects. This is a dichotomy, since the more we improve the app, the more complex it becomes, even when we're cleaning our own code.

Regarding the orientation: this something that we (and I, personally) want to expand and solve. If you think about it, there are 4 orientations: iPhone portrait and landscape and iPad portrait and landscape. Optimize for those 4 aspect ratios is hard. And saying that we're optimizing for everything, well, that won't be optimizing at all. We are working to give you the best experience, regarding what do you want. It's not an easy task. I do think that because the gravity center of the iPad is too high, it causes moment in your hands, therefore you need to counter it. It's hard. But we'll solve this.

Thanks for your feedback.


Yay! This is so exciting! It will take some time to get used to, but I think the new editor will help us make more complex projects. One thing that I specifically don't prefer is holding my iPad portrait style instead of landscape. It's a little uncomfortable and feels a little weird. I'm loving the Copy & Paste and new calculator operators, though. There so many possibilities with this update!


I haven't updated my phone yet because a) it's too far away and b) I'm practically out of storage. XD

So here's my question, in the past updates, you could rotate the phone to whichever preference you preferred, but why not the iPad? Is is a different concept? I definitely understand that it's a lot of work, but curiosity kills. :stuck_out_tongue: