Download new Hopscotch update!



Potrait and Landscape still gets me used with it!


I'm gonna take a look at that case, to see if I understand you. But thanks!


Great! You're more than welcome :slight_smile:



@Liza, do you have the .ipa file thing, wait no... You know the beta? And how you download it? Can you make it for me because I have a school ipad...

Thanks :3

Another tag




I do! It's awesome! :3

I don't mean that irl o-0


Woah! The new update is awesome! I'm currently seeing what the new math stuff can do. :smile:

4 days late, wow. :P


I don't like the iPhone thing


I'm always used to the Portrait and Landscape screens on every app and game, even on HS!


I am sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere (more than happy to merge if it has) but I just got so excited — there's another update! Send our love to the Hopscotch Team :yellow_heart::purple_heart:

Here's some of the things I thought were really cool little additions.

  • Carrying a number on:

  • Faster deleting values (it's so speedy now!)

  • Faster typing on the number keypad
  • Faster dragging around blocks (it's amazing!!)
  • Faster copying and pasting

Actually now I see it was the lag fixes that I felt immediately, but I always really love the responsiveness :heart_eyes: Really, because of how fast and intuitive the app is, I always feel like my fingers can pull out the basic structure of a bit of code before my brain has even finished going through what range of numbers might go in it, and I feel it again now!

I love the design changes in the new editor though I admit too I wasn't exactly sure how I would adjust after so much time in the older one, but it really is quicker to find stuff! You can find blocks with a single tap in the blocks section, you can find values of different objects with a flick of your finger (compared to the technique I used to use). And it's barely any time to adjust, a couple of projects from scratch was enough for me.

The copying and pasting is actually a great replacement for that. I was a bit focused on how to move things at first too but I'm fine with the copy/paste. And thanks for eliminating the 3-operator limit :slight_smile:

I like the colour scheme too with the operators, maybe you could just extend it once it gets deeper in (make it go brighter again? I don't know :slight_smile:) that's all :smiley:

Also I realised, as I made the first picture in this post :joy:, that I think the pics showing the new features of the update are really cool.


You are so right and helpful!

Also, are you still cross seas or age you prepping for collage?


Thank you @t1_hopscotch again for all the great feedback, support and help to the community.
: )


I can't believe there's both landscape and portrait now too. You are all amazing, Hopscotch Team. There are extra things to account for, now aside from just one orientation in each iPad and iPhone, there are four in total like @Rodrigo said. (I am just curious, do you work with size classes in Xcode? I know Hopscotch is built in Objective-C and Swift.)

I hope people see that there is never any need to shout and complain if you would like to see a change, just ask nicely if you have a request for a feature :blush:

Ahh, it is so fun to code in this editor! Hopscotch never ceases to amaze me with each update.

@Huggingfluffybear I'm still in school :)

I just got Hopscotch on an iPhone and it flows so....perfectly. :open_mouth: The blocks are the perfect size for thumbs and scrolling while navigating through the blocks menu feels so natural. I don't think I've ever felt anything was so well-suited to the iPhone :heart_eyes:


I've ever felt anything was so well-suited to the iPhone :heart_eyes:

Oh wow, this is a big statement! But thank you so much, t1. This is one of the best compliments I/we have ever recieved. :slight_smile:


You deserve the compliments! I love the new design! When I saw it, I was like:


Some Statements
When I downloaded the newest update where we can go landscape and portrait, I found out that when I tried to edit the "old" projects that I made vertically when my iPad is horrisontal I have a problem that I can not delete the objects or add any!

I agree with @t1_hopscotch I'm really happy that we can code landscape and portrait...!!!

I love the new math !



Coolkittycat, my Hopscotch friend, also has something to add about the update! Here's a summary of what she said:

I like one thing so far about the new update — when you draw and you go to publish it you can go back and add detail and it won't erase!

She doesn't have email but wanted to let the Hopscotch Team know about her feedback :smiley:


I can email them for her :D

Can I? @t1_hopscotch


Thanks heaps @smishsmash :smiley: She said it would be fine on the forum though (forum account requires email too), so you don't need to worry but I really appreciate that! (And I think she would too :slight_smile: )


Your welcome C:

That's ok though :D