Download new Hopscotch update!



Sorry, I completely disagree. I do like folding up the rules and the control flows though. Here’s my Opinion.



  • The update is really awesome! :D
    I think it's actually easier to code now! All the new blocks are amazing, and it's just an awesome update.

  • I don't have to worry about the :sunglasses: Emoji any more.... That was really annoying :confused:

  • I haven't found a single bug yet! :0
    That's really awesome! :D


  • It's way too tiny :frowning:
    I'm not used to that because I use an iPad...

  • I have to wait until all the videos are remade.... ;-;
    And I really like the videos.

@Liza @Rodrigo @asha And the rest of THT

The Update Topic

Does the new update have problems with editing projects made using older versions?


No, like I said, I think it's easier now :D


Major Negative feedback about the home screen and the edit screen...


It's in portrait...

I was like, What?

You all know that all the iPad Coders have been very used to a Landscape format of the screen... And now you're making us do it in Portrait?

The edit screen where you drag stuff all over the place now has two big rectangles above and below the platform.

To some, it's nothing. To me, it makes it feel like the platform is just too small to use...

There's some psychology to it...

So my recommendation is that in the next update, try and make the screen rotate according to the orientation of the device, except during the Play Mode.

The edit mode though...

Again, I think it's too messy seeing all the code found in the projects compiled to one "Folder"...

The original feels much much more cleaner compared to the current one...

The new format of the code blocks really takes effect of being "messy" when the project has millions and billions of code...


I completely agree with all you said!

That was a great feedback post!

I especially agree with what you said about it looking messy. It's a bit hard to see all that code,'s hard to explain, but I just enjoy the clean look of the old editor.


The update lags for like 500 milliseconds or something when I add a block in the editor.
Maybe you guys can fix this lag in the next update(if there is another one)?
Thank you @Liza and @Rodrigo !:grinning:


Yeah that happened for me too

Also @MirzaInYourFace123 welcome to the fourm! Remember to stay on topic!


My username was @Mirza123 before, but I made a new account cause I had NO ACCESS.


But that still works for me!
Actually you have to hold down on something then move it to the "X" sign(Your finger not the block)
That's one way I got, and the other is very EASY!


My Hopscotch name on the app is CodingNewbie now


I got the update on my second iPad, and it's really awesome! :D

However, I do have a bit of feedback.


1. I'm sorry if you're sick of being told this, but a lot of Hopscotchers (including me!) are used to using landscape mode while in Hopscotch. I understand that it lets you see more of the code in projects, but for some, it's harder to hold the iPad in portrait mode while coding.

2. I agree that it can be nice to have all the code displayed on one page, but when coding big projects, it can get a little crowded. I looked in the code of my Mr. Mustache (trail art) project, and, well...

3. This suggestion isn't based on personal prefence, but it might reduce the number of people quitting because of the update. Anyway, maybe you could change how zoomed in the thumbnail starts and make it start by showing all of the project? I'm only suggesting this because a lot of people don't know how to change how much of the project is shown by the thumbnail. :slight_smile:

However, there are also a lot of good things about the update, and you did an amazing job on it! :D

Good things:

1. I love the new blocks! I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with them. :D

2. Yay! We can finally rename values! :D This is going to be very useful to me. :D

3. I love how you can collapse blocks now, it makes scrolling through code a lot easier! :D

4. I have a feeling that the copying and pasting feature will be useful to a lot of people. :D

There are a lot more good things about the update, but they would take a very long time to type out. :D

I'm pretty much used to the update now, and overall, you did a really good job on it! :D


checks off 'Given senpai nice post' on notepad

Now to give senpai a great post.. >:0

I really love the new update! <3

I love the new math components that you've added, they're really useful for trail art! :3
Not to mention that glorious decimal point you've added.. :0

I like how you can see all of your code, and the new modern look :3

I can definitely get used to portrait. :D

And, yes, my left hand can definitely get used to it too. XD

You've literally saved my life rn <3

Also, spam liking is way easier now.. c:<

Thanks for all the time you guys have put into making this for us! :D


Like my E-Pad, as a small example?

(Find it at the top of my Favorites – Awesome_E > Favorites)



I haven't tried out your Drawing Pad yet, so I don't know! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But I said it was messy because I'm working on a complicated tycoon project...
Definitely you need millions (not really) of code...


Evidence of the mess and the "Oh Mai Ghawsh I nau forgotten where I stopped!" situation

Once I see that wall of code, welp..

I don't know where to start (negative type of "dunno where to start")

Gigantic... Blue... Wall...


I have an idea. It might not be easy at all to do.
Since there's been a lot of both negative and positive reactions towards the new editor, maybe you can add an option to choose which editor you want to use?


@Liza, @Rodrigo, @asha etc…

Not "major" really… still a problem...

There is a problem with the editor "list" of codes. When I scroll through some code, what can happen is that just by scrolling, I accidentally select the text and then I'm stuck with having to stop scrolling because I've accidentally moved the block out of a Repeat block.
That makes me go: le gah!

Could this somehow be fixed please? :slight_smile:


I'm not sure I understand your problem. Can you elaborate on it?


Right. So when I'm going through a long list of Rules (ie, the code), what happens sometimes is: I'm scrolling down, through lots of coding, and i accidentally end up dragging a block because I've selected it– without wanting to. That slows me down a little as I have to select it and put it back…

Like I said, not particularly major but still annoying…

Hoping that was better @Rodrigo :slight_smile: