Download new Hopscotch update!



Hey all,

A new Hopscotch update just hit the App Store!

Rather than tell about it, I'll show you some of the things that we are most excited about:

This is a big step towards even cooler things that you guys have suggested (eventually, copying and pasting blocks between projects, for example).

We've still got a lot of work to do before we get there, so keep your suggestions and feedback coming :grimacing:

And remember that when giving constructive feedback, it's most helpful to explain why you do or don't like something. The more we understand, the more we can improve.

ALSO: If you had the bug where you were getting logged out a bunch of Hopscotch, you might get logged out when you update. Once you log back in, you'll be golden :star:

You can download it here:!-learn/id617098629?mt=8

Thanks for all your support,

Please Try to be Kind (feedback/the update)
Copy and paste code in Hopscotch
Copy and paste code in Hopscotch

Wow that is soooo awesome
I love the new updates
It's just gets better and better


Cool! Thats great! Can't wait to download it!





Just Downloaded It :sunglasses:
Going To Check It Out


Wait, does it cost anything?


WHAI! I can't get it for a few minutes ;-;

I have a back-up going on so I can get iOS 10





It might take a little while to get to different App Stores depending on where you live. [But it's sooooo hard to wait for good things!!!!!]


Wait, you need ios 10?


Oh nevermind... I was thinking about something else... Sorry.


No it is just a beta thingie for getting Swift Playground


@liza will it allow me to code in landscape instead of portrait becuase that really bugs me




Yeah I hope it comes soon :s


Can you add bluetooth keyboard support?

If your not finished, it could be hard but it would be easier for me to navigate.


Wow! That's awesome! :00

I've always wanted to copy and paste code! :3

I bet my left hand will get used to it in a very short time XD


Amazing! And I gave Liza nice topic again.


Can you only use it portrait now ?? @Liza
Also Theirs Only Two Videos


I do have a problem with the new update though
Our principal deleted the real App Store now we have the school one
The problem is they deleted Hopscotch (I think) from the App Store
We can still have Hopscotch because we got the app before they deleted it
Now I can't update it


Please help me @Liza
Please do