Double Wasp Studios second projects



Hello members of the @pomtl. We have published our second group of projects. Please check them out, and let us know what you think


So you are releasing these in groups?


Yes, we are. So far we’ve done two groups.


Are you a group of people or siblings sharing an account or something?
I haven’t opened the projects yet as I can’t access them on a phone, but the fruit pixel art is great, and the watermelon trail art is also pretty good, although some more detail would be nice, and the other projects look like they have AWESOME graphics!


Fruit creator stopped working for me


I’ll put seeds down but then it’ll just stop


Those are amazing projects! I really like all of them, so I can’t really tell which one that I prefer the most or more than the other ones. Great job! :slight_smile:


We are a group of people.