Double Wasp Studios second projects theme



Hello everyone. Our second group of projects will have a theme of fruit.
They are going to be published in one week.
@william04gamera @sugarisyummy @sophia71205 @jordan @hopscotchremixer @dogwithapen @horselover347 @parttimefemale @ducks_happy @french_wave123 @artisticcoder @positivitytree @panthera @kitty4u @gobli09 @mypi


I can’t wait to see. Tag me when they’re done.


why did you tag me? i dont care about u lol


I would also like to be tagged when the projects are done!


@sophia71205 @kitty4u @william04gamera the projects are done.


I saw that and they are amazing! :slight_smile:


Stop tagging me. I’m going to mute you.


Are you going to post them