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I wrote a book called Double Trouble, and this is where @SmilingSnowflakes will edit it :D
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Double Trouble

By Rainboom
Edited by SmilingSnowflakes

My revenge. That's all I want. They have defeated me in millions of stories. They make fun of me. Well, not any more. This time I have a better plan. Minions. And they won't even find out I'm controlling them all. Think you can have fun on the forum? Just wait. Soon, you'll be wishing you'd never created it...

I don't mean anything against the people in this story; they're amazing. I made they're personalities with funny downsides they don't have for fun. Don't take any offence! :D

Rainboom (Faith)
Smishsmash (Sasha) [Tinyy_Avocado]
SmilingSnowflakes (Alexa) [LamspBlueverryJuts]
PopTart0219 (Sloan) [seasoned.apricots]
Gilbert189 (Gilbert) [Qusid]
Candycane (Bethany) [Candycanes]

Chapter 1: Typical day.
Typical day. Nothing exiting happening. I laid down in my bed on my iPad, and looked at notifications. 24? Average.
I sighed. "I wish someone would come 'round to my house. It's been so slow lately."
"Well lucky for you, Faith, I'm here."
I turned around to see Bethany standing at the door, smiling like she always does.
"Ah, lifesaver!" I said.
She laughed.
"And lucky for both of you, I'm here!" Said Sloan, who appeared at the door.
We groaned.
"What? Aren't I a lifesaver too?"
"No, you aren't, but you are pretty hilarious." I laughed.
"I can't help being naturally punny! Get it? Pun? Instead of-" She got cut off by Alexa.
"We get it, Beyoncé."

Chapter 2: The notification.
We were allowed to go to the shopping centre nearby, to get food and go on HS. My dad drove us there and we headed over to the sushi bar.
We ordered our sushi and sat down at the table, and when I went on the forum I got a tag notification. It was by Smishsmash.
We're behind you lol
I looked behind me, and sure enough, there was Sasha, sitting with Gilbert and Alexa.
"Oh hey guys! What's up?" I greeted them.
"The sky." Said Gilbert and Sloan together, cracking up. We all groaned at the Cheesies, the nickname we gave them.
I got a notification from Tinyy_Avocado, Sasha's alt account. It read, "Fiwrst Yu and yir frens, den da whol fowum.".
Haha, Sasha.
"Yah-huh. Good one, Sasha." I said.
"What... Are you talking about?" She asked, looking innocent.
"You just said this on your avocado account." I showed it to her.
"I didn't say that! I swear!"
"Yes! I'm not even on the forum! Do you think... I got hacked?!"
Suddenly everyone checked the forum, and they got a notification from their own alt account saying the same thing.

Chapter 3: This is serious.
"Should... We flag them?" Bethany asked.
"No. There's no category for it, plus, we don't even know what happening." I told her.
Sloan looked to Gilbert, then to Alexa, a serious expression or her face for once.
"Guys...? What is it?" I said, worried. If Sloan looked like this, there must be something serious going on.
"You're not thinking what I think your thinking, are you?" Gilbert asked.
"I am. We have to do it."
"But... It's forbidden!" Cried Alexa.
"GUYS!!!" I shouted. They stopped and stared at me. "What in the name of Hopscotch are you talking about!?"
"The Portal to the Dimensions." Sloan answered.

Chapter 4: The explaining.
"The Dimensions? Portal? What the?" Bethany, Sasha, and I all started asking questions about this "portal" thingy.
"Okay, okay, everyone calm down." said Alexa.
"I'll explain. The Portal to the Dimensions, or just 'The Portal', is in this box here." Sloan brought out a little silver box as Alexa was talking.
"If you throw it, it'll open The Portal. The Portal leads to The Dimensions, which are 7 places-"
"6" corrected Sloan.
"You don't care about me?"
"Yeah- well, no... Well, anyways, The Portal leads to The Dimensions, which are 6 places based on a thing in the forum; likes, replies, tags, topics, trust levels, and flame wars. I'm guessing whoever is behind this has put our apparently evil alt accounts in 1 of these each, so we can battle them. Only leaders and above know about this portal."
"K." I said.
We were all so astounded, legit all I could say was "k".
"So..... Can we use this?'' Asked Sasha.
"Not now. We can't. We'll have to wait until 3:00 sharp tomorrow morning." Said Gilbert.
"Oh come on, I'm allergic to mornings." Sloan groaned. We laughed.

Chapter 5: Midnight run.
I laid on the ground at Beyoncé's house, not being able to sleep a wink. I was super exited, and had nothing to do since no one was active on the forum. I needed something to let my energy out. I got a cloak on and quietly stepped into the backyard and ran. I saw what looked like a cat in a tree, but... Was it grinning? Then I saw someone else come out, and hid behind the tree. The person looked around to make sure no one was there, and creeped behind the house. I silently followed them, but accidentally brushed past a bush. The person turned around, and I could see that it was Sasha. She looked a bit shaken up. I creeped closer and closer and came behind her, and said "Hi."
She jumped, then breathed out.
"Faith, you scared me! What are you doing out here?"
"Just out for a run. What about you?"
"I'm trying to find The Portal. It's gone missing!"
I gasped.
"WHAT!?" Sloan shouted above us. We looked up.
"How could it have gone missing?!" She cried. She came down to the back of the house with us.
"Where do you think it is?" Bethany asked. She and the others had woken up and heard Sloan.
"... I think I have an idea who took it." I said
"Who?" Asked Gilbert
"The Cheshire Cat."
Everyone stared at me.
"Okay fren, I know you like cats, but... The Cheshire Cat isn't even real!" Alexa said.
"I think he is. I think I saw him, I think the alt accounts released him into reality to steal The Portal."
"That is a crazy but strangely sensible idea. Nice work." said Sloan, fist-bumping me.
"Thanks Beyoncé. Now, I know where the cat is, so Alexa? You and Sasha distract him so I can sneak up and grab The Portal."
"Got it."
"What do I do?" Whined Sloan.
"You can.... Sit on the ground and zip it while we do the important stuff." I said, sarcastically smiling.
She did what she was told for once.
We carried out the plan and got The Portal from the Cheshire Cat.
"Guys?" Shouted Bethany. "It's 3:00."

Chapter 6: Road trip.
Sloan got the portal out, ready to throw. She swung her arm, once, twice, three times, and then... The Cheshire Cat came out of nowhere and snatched the portal.
"Oh, COME! ON!!!" I yelled. "We gotta get it back!"
We chased that cat around the house, and finally he got tired and slowed down. Gilbert and I looked at each other, and then sped off to the cat, both trying to get there first.
"Guys, this isn't a competition." Shouted Alexa.
I got there first, grabbed the portal, and laughed.
"Ha, ha, ha." I teased him, dangling it in front of his face. "Maybe just stick with the puns next time, eh, cheesy?"
He pushed me. "Oh, get out of here, you."
"Guys, can we please just get through the portal now?" Alexa was fed up.
We walked back over to the others, and gave the portal to Sloan. She threw it at the air and a dark purple swirling... Thing, appeared in the air. Woah, I thought.
"Well? What are we waiting for? Get in, people!" Said Sloan, pushing us in.
"Where will the portal take is first?" Sasha asked.
"To the place where we'll sleep. It's a nice little house, and Liza will be there." Said Sloan. Everyone stared at her, except for Gilbert and Alexa of course.
"Liza? As in, the hopscotch team Liza? As in, THE WOMAN THAT MADE ONLY THE BEST APP IN THE WORLD!?" I asked her.
"..." Gaped Bethany.
As we walked into The Portal, it closed behind us. Alexa was hurrying us along to walk through it, and Sloan was telling awful puns.
"Did you hear about the guy who's left side got cut off? He's all right now!"
"What did the ocean say to the sand? Nothing, it just waved!"
"Why is Gary an emoticon? Cuz he's emotional!"
We were all groaning and fighting over who got to have the earplugs, when finally, we got there. By then, the portal had sucked out energy out, and we were feeling carsick. Well, Portal-sick, more to the point. We walked into the house, but I started feeling faint, and the last thing I remember was everything spinning, and then darkness...

"There, there, wake up now." Said a reassuring, warm, voice, coming from a lady with brown curls, who was leaning over me, stroking my forehead. I blinked. "Who am I? What am I? Where am I?" I asked them.
"You're Faith, you're an apple, and you're in the portal!" Answered Sasha.
I blinked again. "How am I an apple? I don't look like one. If I am, then please don't eat me!"
This time everyone else blinked.
"It's ok everyone, she's just lost her memory." Said Liza. "We need to show her something that she'll never forget."
"Do you remember hopscotch?" Bethany asked me.
"How about the hopscotch forum?" Sloan asked.
"Uh... No."
"Unicorn potatoes?"
"No way."
"... Hang on... I think... Maybe... Uhm, no."
Things were getting pretty desperate.
"I'VE GOT IT!!!" Yelled Sasha. "Do you remember... RAINBOW DASH AND THE EQUESTRIA GIRLS!?"
I blinked twice. Then, suddenly, darkness again...

"Is she okay?" Alexa asked.
"I'm fine, guys. And yes, I know Rainbow Dash and the Equestria Girls." I winked at Sasha. She smiled.
"It's great your back to normal," Said Liza. "I'll show you your room. You'll be sleeping with Sasha, Bethany's with Alexa, and Gilbert and Sloan are together." Perfect matches.

Chapter 7: The first fight.
I woke up pretty late in the morning and walked to the kitchen, where Bethany and Sasha were playing Hopscotch, Alexa was eating cereal, and Gilbert was laughing his head off while Sloan spat out juice all over the place. Apparently it was past it's "best before" date.
"Attention everyone!" Shouted Liza over the commotion. "It's time for your first battle with the alternate accounts. I could prep you on what you need to succeed, but honestly, I think you're ready. And I think your instincts are what will help you the most."
"But I'm not Team Instinct, I'm Team Valour" I said.
"We're talking HS, not Pokemon Go."
"Okay; Sloan? You throw the portal to enter the first battle. You guys got this." Liza encouraged.
Sloan opened the portal and we walked through it, getting dizzier by the second. Sasha helped me not to faint and lose my memory this time.
We came to the end, and saw a room with pouches with little hearts in them. At the other end of the room was a girl with a picture of an avocado on her white shirt. It said "Tinyy_Avocado" and she had an evil grin.
"Uh, guys? I think this is my battle." Said Sasha, grabbing a pouch of likes.
"You can do this!"
"We got your back!"
"If you mess this up, we die."
"Go Sasha!"
We all shouted our encouragement as she stepped out onto the battle. "And... COMMENCE!" Said a metallic voice over the P.A.
Tinyy_Avocado started throwing likes at Sasha. Every time a like hit her, she would stagger back. Whoever fell over first, or ran out of likes, lost.
Sasha quickly grabbed her likes and threw them at Tinyy, who almost fell over but leaned forward and out her hands on the floor, using that move to push herself into the air and threw 10 likes at Sasha.
"Hey! That's cheating!" She shouted, fuming at her own account.
"There is no cheating when you're an avocado." Tinyy sneered, her voice sounded exactly like Sasha's, but with a robotic edge to it.
" Robotic.. bot... why does that sound familiar..." I wondered.
"AARRRGGH!! Dang it, you annoying, crazy, maniacal..." Sasha shouted at Tinyy, fuming that she kept cheating. Tinyy was grinning more and more, every time Sasha got angry.
"Sasha!!! I know how you can win!" Alexa yelled. "Stop getting angry!"
"How am I supposed to stop getting angry when she keeps cheating!?" Sasha yelled back. She didn't look like herself anymore; her face was red, and there was a metallic tinge in her voice.
"Sasha! Think of the forum. Think of us, All your frens. Don't be angry! Be happy! Feel love! If you feel love, you can make one Like big enough to turn Tinyy good again."
"Sasha, calm down. Don't get all... flamed up!" I said. "Flamed up... FLAMED!! That's it! Sasha!"
"Sasha, -whoever the alts are working for is using your anger against you so you turn evil! You're not evil! Don't turn into a Flame Victim. This isn't Tinyy's fault!"
Sasha shook her head, and she was back to normal.
"What... I'm so sorry guys..." she was almost crying. "I know what I have to do now."
She took a Like, put both her hands on it, and ran towards Tinyy, shouting "I LOVE YOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!" We all cracked up.
The like hit Tinyy, who feel back, and a light shone all around her body. We ran over.
"Tinyy...?" Sasha said with years in her eyes. She leant over and put her hand on her heart, and exhaled. "She's breathing! Thank goodness."
"How are we gonna wake her up?" Bethany asked.
"I think we have to figure that out later, we gotta go." I said. Sasha looked sad. I put my arm around her. "She'll be fine, fren. Don't worry."
"I'll carry her in here." Sloan tapped a little pouch. She dragged a finger over Tinyy, and a blue thing appeared, as well as three black options: Cut, Copy, and Paste. Sloan clicked Cut, an Tinyy disappeared, then she opened her satchel, and did the same thing, this time pressing paste. Inside the bag was a tiny avocado— or should I say, Tinyy_Avoado— inside it. If you leaned close, you could here it snoring. We stared at her.
"Special mod powers." She winked.
"So... do we go to the next battle now?" Gilbert asked.
"Ask Faith." Sloan answered.
"Me? But I'm not even a lead-"
"Oh really?"
I looked down at myself and saw a shiny golden badge saying Leader.


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