Double Tap! (Please read, my biggest achievement!)


Ok, so I've discovered how to make Double Tap detectors!
Using this you can say, tap the potato to mash it, or double tap it to cut it! This code that I will show also detects taps, and it can tell the difference.

It's so simple, and I've never seen anyone do a double tap before!
Here is the code:

These are the rules you put for the thing that get tapped/double tapped.

 When Character is tapped
 Increase Value (Tap) By 1

 When Tap=1
 Wait 250 Milleseconds
 Check Once If (Tap)=1
 Set Value (Tap2) To 1
 Set Value (Tap2) To 2
 Set Value (Tap) to 0
 Set Value (Tap2) To 0

These Are The Rules For The Character That Reacts To The Tap/Double Tap

When (Tap2)=1
Do Whatever They Do At A Single Tap

When (Tap2)=2
Do Whatever They Do At A Single Tap

When ___ is double tapped

This is awesome!


good job! Thanks for sharing :blush:


Great topic! I actually have seen someone on HS do that before (it wasn't me and I forgot who) and I've shared that trick before… but thanks for making this topic!


One sec guys, there was other stuff on here that wasn't saved...


That's amazing! Even though I already knew how to do this, I still love the sight of seeing others learn and share their achievements! :wink:


Amazing! I'll try that out!


That is surprisingly simple.


Thanks guys! I had always wondered how to do double tap, and I did it!
You may see me using it in a few projects!


Thank for sharing this! It will be very helpful to other coders!


That's great coding you did.
This will help users allot when wanting to code for double tapping.


Good code. Just a couple minor comments

When (Tap2)=2
Do Whatever They Do At A Single Tap

This should say …At A Double Tap

And switch these

Set Value (Tap) to 0
Set Value (Tap2) To 0

Tap2 should be set to 0 first or else if the double tap code is only 1 block it’ll execute twice.