DOT V3. Released please check it out


Here's link to dot V3

Please check it out

The people below are people that inspired me thanks guys!!!


I'll check it out as soon as my iPad finished charging! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow! That's a really kewl game :yum:
What's your high score? Mine is 21!
I bet it will get on featured...


It already was, but I added a major update


That explains like...EVERYTHING
I apologize for noobneaz... actually, I think i saw it


lol it's cool I hope you
Like it, new version will hit featured I bet tho if I keep adding to it


I really like it good job!


It's cool :smiley:


It´s awesome :slight_smile:


WOw im on da list!

Fantastisch Project!