Dot 2 coming soon


DOT 2 COMING SOON IF I GET 10,000 views


That will go fast just so you know


B-box member me advertising my game a few days ago


I can't believe this has all happened


What do you mean?


Like 7,500 views it's amazing I never thought


You'll get 10,000 plays super fast! The game is awesomeness! :smile:


Lol I'll start viewing now XD


Lol you will get bored b4 getting another 1,700 more views


On there lol I know u will


@MudFlowerCat I've already started "dot 2" but it's a different game lol but yea as soon as we hit 10,000 views I was going to send a sneak peak of it


I just stopped to look at the forum.
XD yeah I got off task so badly.
I was like, WE2FD just liked my project!!!
What XD


Lol Well but yea 10,000 then as soon as I see it say 10,000 no matter what I'm posting a sneak peak of Anchored


So I'm working as fast as I can lol


But my phone keeps crashing while I work on it


R u working on any projects


I has idea.
Wait you have IPad?
Works better on IPad.


As you can see.. My project is on top of trending.
I'm might work on version 0.1.

3 more likes till I reach 100!!! :DDDD


Lol I'll like it ALMOST THERE


@MudFlowerCat I WAS YOYR 100th LIKE