DOS tags live? Do you have it still?



Do you guys still have the limited edition DOS tags?
I do.
I just want to know who still has it.


I do.

"Limited edition DOS tags," sound like something from an infomercial. Call now and get two free limited edition DOS tags!


Yup :D
And for some reason, I still have my Hopscotch Birthday profile pic XD


I never got one, but I wish I did!
I'm not LGBT+, but I support it!


I tried to make it sound cool :D


I still have my ultra exclusive rare limited edition DOS tag :D




Here was the topic by the way


Same :3
(i hate the twenty character limit)


I've still got mine! The ultra rare limited edition title! :smile:


hacer una sobre cómic que por favor


Make a comic book about that please?
Is that it?