Do's and Don'ts of the Forum!


Here are some things to do and some things to not do while on the forum! Some of these you may agree with, some you may not, so please do not take anything to heart.

Create one alternate account on the forum if you want, so just in case you were to lose your account for any reason, you have another as backup!

Create 600 gazillion accounts that clog up the forum and confuse everyone.

Create a topic every week or so, that is very well-developed and well-written, and also pertains to the guidelines.

Create daily or twice-a-day topics that are average, not compliant with the guidelines, are too controversial to be put on the internet and are just not healthy discussion subjects.

Promote good topics and healthy conversations by liking posts and contributing your own thoughts to the discussion. Leave not so good topics aside and if something is insulting or hateful, flag when necessary, without spam-flagging or flagging too much.

Create accounts to bash hopscotchers or forumers you don’t agree with or create hate clubs or topics. As said, don’t flag when not needed. Do not bash what you hate, just because you may not agree with that person’s views.

Share some of your own do’s and don’t of the forum! Part 2 for Hopscotch coming soon!



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This topic is really good! Well written!


This is a really great and thought-out topic!

Some has quite a few alts

(They’ve been here for a while.)


Great points! I can tell that you thought this through as you wrote it :slight_smile:


This is such a good topic!


Such a good topic!
I have one alt… @I_Not_JonnyGamer