#DoodleContestXMM Winners


Okay, so I held a contest some time ago called the DoodleContestXMM. A bunch of people entered (thank you!), and the contest has now ended.

@iReesesCup and @LotsaPizza, please claim your prizes. I have projects posted on Hopscotch all about this, along with the prizes and your places.
Thank you!


Cool! Happy about the win :wink:



Thank you so much.

I literally forgot about deh contest


I don't know if I should post on her or not but meh.

I want you to follow my friend PurplePeopleEater55

Can you draw a profile pic for me? Of a marionette gir.l on a stage. I don't know if the drawings had to be on hopscotch tho. But meh. Idk what else but I'll tell you when I made up mah mind.


Congratulations on the win, guys! Your art is amazing!


XiaoMiaoMi, I have worked on the collaboration.
I created a hopscotchified version of the song "Love & Joy", which I love, and thought you might know (since you like Vocaloid, BOT)...
I was happy with the timing and all, but it was just the chorus.
There was is no backround music, and there is nothing but the singing to the chorus.
BUT, it won't post on Hopscotch!
I have tried many times, spent many hours trying.
I have found out that the filter eats it once it is longer than one sentence of song.
Here is the version that is invisible to the community, I hope you can listen to it: Love & Joy Hopscotchified!

Well, *Dissapointed Silence *
What do you think, even though it only partially exists on Hopscotch?
We can come up with something else...



@Pegasus Sorry that I wasn't on! >.<

It's awesome! I'll work on a few bass notes and the first few parts of the song!


Okay! Thanks for the quick reply!
I'll do the profile pic on Brushes Redux. But I've been having a glitch recently where I can't upload images... I'll try and find a way around the glitch ASAP!


Oh yay! So you do know the song?
The only problem is we can't publish it on Hopscotch itself, but we can create links to the project. I will email The Hopscotch Team about it.
I'm glad you like it!
P.S. This is off topic, but your logo requests are ASTONISHING!


@Pegasus Okay! I'm working on the song right now.
I still have a lot of stuff going on, and the tutoring paper stack in my room just keeps getting taller and taller.
Thanks! I put a lot of time into them, so it really means a lot when people like them!


I think that the part before the vocals start (the downward scale type of thingy, with the bell in the backround? That...) will have to be lower than it is supposed to be, because Hopscotch does not have pitches high enough. It should probably be in the same range as the vocals, but I'm not sure how the transition would sound (intro to vocals).
How will you publish it? A link on the Forum? We should probably make a collab topic...
Can't wait to see what you come up with! I will practice coding some more vocals if you don't mind- I'm bad at the beat and backround and stuff...


No prob! And yeah, we probably should make another topic... I dunno



Done! I hope you're fine with the key change and stuff I changed... If not you can tell at me...



Hey ummm...
So so sorry I haven't responded to this--- I saw it when you first posted but never replied...

Cool! It sounds much smoother now, but I'm not exactly sure what you did to it.
I see you sped it up, changed some notes, and probably added another "l-"
...but I can't tell whet the other added notes are, or what exactly you did to the timing.
It's probably just me.
I coded it by ear, to the slowed down speed to which I sing it. : P
I learned the lyrics to the first chorus, but not much further, and the dance.
Well, I feel like I abandoned it....
I don't know, but I guess I'm not in a music-y mode?
I feel like such a slacker...
But even if we do get it better it still crashes I-pads in the bare stage it's in now. It also wouldn't be available on the app- only through links.

Well, I'm sorry... could I help out with your draw pad or something instead?
: l
-A guilty feeling Pegasus


Congrats on the win! Great job!
(I didn't enter, but still!)


@Pegasus That's totally fine! I understand your concern, and no, you're not a slacker!
I basically regulated the beat with the "DIVIDER" blocks. That makes it sound a lot better, I find.
Sure! MiaoMi-Pad needs some work! I'll credit you a LOT for helping (My schedule is sorta messy).