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I've been seeing that a lot of people have trouble with values. You can use values to make it better. Like, let's say you are making a game and star girl needs to get a troughy. So, you first of all make all the obstacles, then, on any object, put this rule:

Then, you can put "When WON=1, set text You WON!" Or something like that. Then, poof! You know how to use values.

How To Make A New Value

Now, you know at least what values are for, you want to use them for something, but, you do NOT know how to make a new value!
Step 1: go on an existing rule (or a new rule)

Then, you go on values and either take "increase value" or "set value" (can be anything that has a little values screen, but I usually use those blocks.)

Then, you tap the oval with dotted boundaries that says "+new value"

Then this should pop up!

Write the name you want the value to be called, press "Done" and POOF! You made your own value!

Questions? Read this!

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How can I make a number bigger when one object touches another?


@Dabam tell me if you need screenshot:

When (object) bumps (object)
Increase Value (value) by 1


do when something bumps something, increase value (anything) by your chosen number.


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