Don't try to get around the filter!


So, many of you probably have seen a project with something like this:


Using a period in the middle of a word, it any symbol, is not allowed. On Hopscotch, or the forum. Now, there are some cases where it is allowed, like "bullyin.g", like if you're starting an anti bullyin.g club. But trying to get around the filter isn't okay.

The filter is there for a reason- to keep our community healthy and safe.

By going around the filter, you aren't keeping the community safe. If you see these types of posts or projects, flag or report them. But remember, be sure it's not being used in a good way, like an anti bullyin.g club. If you want to use a word blocked by the filter, think of a more kid friendly synonym. :slight_smile:

And check out this awesome project by @t1_hopscotch on this subject!


I agree!


omg I was literally about to make a project abt this you stole it thanks a lot​:rage: jk​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

i agree



You pasted that image


Nope! I saved image to my computer! Im not on my ipad an i woke up 2 minutes ago.... really


You pasted that image


You pasted that image


I agree! :D

I think that we should try to spread this around the community! :D

Remember, THT blocked those words for a reason! :D




Omigosh thanks Anon! :D

I guess my internet is fixed and I uhh... was the one that messed it up this time lol

there's a lot on my mind


There are some words that are blocked like elementar.y and iPad awa.y that can be used, but don't try and go around it using bad words


I agree with this! You shouldn't really go around the filter, unless it is taking what you're saying the wrong way (in some cases, like the one below) or you are typing it for a reason like you said!

I only went around it because I wrote "leaving Hopscotch", but the full sentence was, "don't worry, I'm not leaving Hopscotch for a LONG time".

So I replaced the l with capital i.


Me. Too. Gilbert you read minds.
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Actually, he's going to do a lecture called "Finding Yourself" where he shows the audience where to buy a high quality mirror at a fraction of the price of the ones in stores.


I can confirm



I was going to make a topic like this.

Great post gilly!


Here's a like :heart: Gilbert(o)


great topic!

one weird thing that is blocked is real nam.e I typed that once... I don't remember why, but some one could type it for a good purpose, like "why not to share your real nam.e"


Same problem as with bulying though…