Don't trust this imposter!



Guys, someone is IMPOSTERING me :confounded:. Just look.

The name is "Ihasfluffycupcake" and do not trust them please!!!
They are going to pretend they are me! And check this out:

And I do not wanna change my username! What do I do???


just ignore it, it's no big deal!


All I suggest is to add this :smile: emoji at the end, I suggest this because you are so nice!


maybe there is somebody out there that only has 1 fluffy cupcake? or a new user who just thought that was a good name and didn't know there was an Ihasfluffycupcakes, I'm not saying that it's likely, but with so many people on hopscotch, it is possible


I saw that person too!
If you see a project that the person made plz post it!


But one time I tried to change the name, but then I made the WORST mistake and NOBODY was able to see my projects until about 3 months.


@Ihasfluffycupcakes what happened?


I searched up my username, and I saw someone who had a similar username


Mabey they were a Hopscotcher before!
Then they started a new ACOUNT because ihasfluffycupcakes is such a good Hopscotcher!🕶


WOW I'm sorry I feel bad


ik, ik, but what I'm saying is that that isn't the only possibility


I know.
There can be others too


But the i was capital like me and there were no spaces like me and all they did was remove the "s"


You don't have to ignor it!
This is not good


justanerd, magmapop, rawrbear, Ihasfluffycupcakes, lotsapizza:pizza::pizza::pizza:, not many people use spaces in thier usernames anymore, and it has a capital at the beginning, like a sentence. I has fluffy cupcakes.


I know it is weird I don't know how


Some people make an account with a name super-similar to another Hopscotcher when they admire a certain coder. I don't know why, maybe they just want to be noticed? If you look up some more names there are a lot of The Hopscotch Team imposters. If you go here you can see that @hoppertoscotch had a problem with username copies too.


There's another "imposter" ihasfluffylolipops


They also copied MagmaPOP's project through saving it in their drafts


I actually know who made the account "ihasfluffylollipops" it was made by a hopscotcher called: :star2:Stargirl:star2: It's because that Ihasfluffylollipops account gave a shoutout to :star2:Stargirl:star2: And liked her projects. That's who I expect