Don't Touch the Spikes!


Hi Guys! Do you like the hit game "Don't Touch the Spikes?" Well, it's come to Hopscotch! Just click the link below, play the game, and please give me feedback.

Thank You,


It's an amazing game! The background takes a while to load though. Maybe you could set the speed faster, or fatten the width? (i cant see code on the computer)
If you can't, there can be a minigame while it loads!
Overall, nice job!


It is really fun, I am just a tad confused on how to control bird.


Well, I knew that would come into most people's minds. That's why I included the feature to play again when you die, at the press of a button. No long loading.


Thanks for the feedback, just tap the screen!


Thank you for your compliment, it really made my day.


Maybe you could increase the speed of the backround drawing a bit more. I also advise adding how to control the bird, but otherwise the game is super fun!


Really nice game! It needs Rising at least!


Wow this is so cool! And creative awesome job!:wink::clap: