Don't talk about Trump!



So a lot of people on the forum has been talking about Donald Trump. They have been saying bad stuff about him and that he shouldn't be president. They think he is racist and isn't good. I agree, yet what if there are people on the forum who support him? What will they say? That's why we should STOP talking about him. Even though he's got haters, he's still got lovers. Think about that. Same goes with all the other candidates. The forum is not to talk about politics, it's about HOPSCOTCH.

:D Hope this helped!


Yes agreed join a politic forum if you want to talk about how good or bad trump is!


I don't know why kids care about politics. I only care of which I don't want as a president. The ones that are very annoying and do no good.
Hint, Hint, look in the title!


Lol ikr
cough cough Trump cough cough


I care I love politicas so don't judge!


Why everyone, I am stating a fact.


My feeling exactly! We don't want to start any flame wars!


Yeah I mean I kinda support him and people get mad at me for ti and masterdellama started taking trash about trump and I felt kinda hurt


Yeah! I agree! I mean, you may have a funny joke that doesn't poke fun at Trump, but it's not like he has anything to do with Hopscotch!


Plus you don't have to flag someone's opinion


I was going to make a topic on this!
This is a big problem. I don't agree with Trump, but again, the only thing I've been hearing about him are bad things. I'm sure there are good things but we just can't see them. Although you can talk about him, we shouldn't be criticizing, just like with religions! If hopscotch accepts religion, they should also accept policitics.


If we can't even vote why should we talk about it...


Hopscotch isn't about Donald Trump. Or else it would be called Donald Trump. Hopscotch has nothing to do with Donald Trump. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Why would people talk about him anyway it's off topic and there are other countries like Australia that's got nothing to do with it
(Not trying to be offensive in any way!)


I agree. Some people support him and your not supposed to talk about who you vote for because it can hurt and be offensive to others. Great topic :wink:


Exactly. It will be a world war, it'll effect all of us


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Alright... Please... Let's just abandon this topic please...

Not related to HS


It kinda is gonna start a war, but anyway let's- never mind Comicvillestudios beat me to it.


Don't talk about Donald trump. I got flagged because of it lol
Someone clearly was angry when I wrote "Donald trump for the win" on a debate topic