Don't starve! | Survival collab game?!



@GiraffeProductions Me! I meet everything, but I have been only on for 2 months. But some people already call me famous!!!


You can do the music


Ok, can I do some coding as well? :smile:


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Ok then! I will code the guy.


Who should I make the guy? Me? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah sure, there's going to be more than one character but you start of with a certain one which can be you


Ok! I'll stick an Easter egg in there :yum:


Grass was added
Path was added
Fixed/changed where rocks and grass go


I bet I know what that easter egg is! @Rawrbear


Yep :wink: (I would like, but I ran out of likes, so here :heart:)


Sorry it felt like 5 days have passed.
Forgive me for my comments about you losing interest.
I lost track of time. I've been very busy.