Don't starve! | Survival collab game?!



So you read the title well the amount of people is 4 but might change. Put your hopscotch names in your comment.
- good at coding
- been on hopscotch for a while
- make a audition project and name it survival collab audtion (optional)


I'd like to help out if you keep the amount of members to 4 and you designate who does what
I like the game don't starve.
I could help with making that type of game.


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Could you describe what your ideas are for this game?


I was thinking about making it kinda like don't starve


When you are ready to start and have others joined. I'll start helping.


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Hey can I help?
-i have a very good idea


Yeah you can join.
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Mhm... this looks interesting!? :open_mouth:


Whats your good idea? I will be assigning you to something.


Which one should be the rock

  • :new_moon:
  • :chestnut:



Players HP added to top and room for other stats.
Raft tilt controlls
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:moyai: this stone head emoji could be used for rocks.


:moyai: (Rocks) were added.
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What do u want me to do


what is this game like? I might join



i'll be out ouf the forum for maybe 6 hrs.
i'm downloading World of Warships which is over 6 gb in size.


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