Dont Starve collab


I would prefer it if you have played dont starve but if u haven't then watch this

Imagine it without 2 players though. I'm looking for about 5 people to help. If u want to help put a tag of your username below.



@Stradyvarious did you reply on this? I got an email that said you did but I dont see the reply.


I'll let you know something.
Filling 50% of the screen with sprites and then using bumps/touches code to stop a character walking through everything will cause a massive amount of lag. And if you add scrolling code as well, the game will be unplayable.


True i'll probably make sticks and rocks just laying around so you can walk through everything. As for fire... I'll have to think about it.


I was working on a don't starve collab game some months ago but it got abandoned anyway could I join? My hopscotch username is SizeableWig.


@PUT_GUT can i join?



@GiraffeProductions and @BlazeWolfGirl
Yes you can!




Where's the bathroom


What do you mean?


I think he is kidding around


Has this started yet and is anybody sucribed and able to put custom images in their projects.


Im not. Im need people to be on at the same time to show password