Don't start cussing! Be a hero!



Latley people have been saying stuff like the f. Word and the s word and it's bad think this "all I am going to get is suspended!" Just flag and ignore! And If to many people use bad words think @liza is going to shut the forum down! We don't want that do we so keep in mind if someone is using bad language don't use it back Because all you are going to get is suspended! I hope you enjoyed from the fluffy bear


I agree. The reason why they say: "I'll only get suspended!" is because they don't care about being suspended or they have another forum account.


I agree! Good topic, there had been some swearing yesterday and some days before, suspensions even, this isn't good, thank you for making this topic about this!



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Ya, let's not say any more names, I don't want a fight when they get un- suspended


That is a very good exsaple go to a like fancy land if you want to gossip and say bad words!


Yep I will remove that!


Thx! But yep, even though I was sleeping while that happened I looked in the morning and I was like... Whoa


If you see a swear word that I miss, TELL ME!!! I'll edit the post and take it out :slightly_smiling:


This topic I feal is good it should be back in newest!


I am refreshing this topic it's inportant to me!


Good idea!