<don't open topic>



I would like to share an account with you guys and it would be really good if we could share it please consider this.


Sorry bout that I just accidentally flagged! :sweat_smile:
I undid it


Nope, because hackers :wink: not saying your one, but I don't think they would want to... Just giving a heads up in case of any disappointment


@Poptart0219 @LotsaPizza


Orangecent you could share it as well I really love your art


Oh and as long as you somebody cool joins it doesn't matter


Does it have to be someone "cool" why can't it be anyone?
i don't want to join


No, for numbers of reasons. But thanks for asking


:confused: What does 'cool' mean? Because I guess I don't fit the definition.


Also: can you give reasons as to why you want to, besides their cool projects?


Er @KiwiCute2016 I'm not sure if this is a very good topic to keep open... I foresee some arguements


ok guys when she said cool i think she meant like someone awesome not like popular! So can we just rest in peace and its a missunderstanding and every time this happens you know what i say. When a problems occurs it is like a hole you fuss about it,it gets bigger! Guys @Kiwicute2016 i think you should open this topic and ask permission before you close this as i think @NyanCat will be very upset and very discombobulated as she is new and does not know much!



New favorite word! Nyancat is not very new, I believe as she has joined 3 months ago :wink:.

Community accounts and collab accounts are allowed, but specific accounts to just a few, for reasons other than helping each other, are not allowed :wink:.

@DreamyLemon, unfortunately, this proves to hurt some feelings, so I had to close it, whether she meant kindly or not. Also, I don't want ideas like this to spread!