Don't Open Old Topics



Ok, so if you see a topic that has been left alone for

A month or more,

Chances are you probably shouldn't reply to that topic
Many reasons,
1) The owner of that topic will be agitated to see someone replying on a topic that has already been solved

2) if it's an abandoned collab or project, chances are it's going to be VERY awkward to the people who started it

3) This clogs the forum with unnecessary replies or answered topics, almost like a SBYP thing.

It's okay if you have a question to that topic, but if you're just trying to add to the very old conversation, it won't do the forum much good.



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Im gonna reply 4 months from now

But what does that tag say?


I just read the very top thing you posted. I AGREE


Ha Ha! That is the opposite of what this is about


This is a good topic! It really shows how replying in old topics won't do any good, considering that it was either solved or simply cast off.


But in some cases, like something Liza made that has awesome stuff and you need to contact her, sure!


If you want to troll some person

Sure. You can


"Kind of"


@OrangeScent1 can I change the tag so it makes more sense?


I wouldn't no one really looks at them


Great tips! I agree. :grinning:




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Just wondering, why did you reply to me? :slightly_smiling:


Seriously? Can you stop that please


I super agree with this. (PS: I gave you nice topic xD)


Good advice! Thank you


Yeah! Just ask yourself "Does this actually forward the conversation?"

If no, then don't post it! (seems pretty straightforward..)


Here's a :heart: @CreativeCoder