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Did the wrong essay. Don't get mad!


  • Directive
  • Supportive


Personally I think i'm more of a supportive one.


Dang I ran out of likes! ;-;
Amazing topic! :smile:


Of course. Another inspiring topic. This is amazing!


I felt like with new leader/s coming in soon this was needed. Also just to show that everyone is a leader.
Thanks Enchanted!


So many good paragraphs from you!
Reminds of homework, gotta go do my paragraph


Wow. Nice nickname! @Dude73, can I start calling you dude? I don't like trying dude, going to numbers, and write 73. It takes to long (I'm lazy.)


Sure! Or you can call me DD to be even shorter. :smile:


Cool topic! I understand how it's related at the end... But why employees? Most of us are kids!


Because why not. :DI'll fix it :DI was just using the most common types I see with leadership in the real world.


Another great speech! :D

Can you cite it? I found it here:


Remember to cite your sources. If you don't, I'll have to close it. It is plagiarism.


I love this, but
Please give credit, or don't plagiarize. Thanks


I didn't see your post XD


Was this copied and pasted? This seems to have the word "employee" everywhere :yum:

EDIT: @SnowGirl_Studios, site your source! You don't want to get into trouble, do you? :yum:


Do you need o sight this? I can't really trust you...


I really don't read your really long novels, but I personal think this one is great!
(Yes, I didn't read this.)


bleh I posted the wrong one :grin:
Guys what I do is I find info and type my own. This isn't the write one! You don't have to get all mad.


I'm sorry, but it's happened a lot before. :grimacing:

Just give credit, and there is no problem. :D


You don't understand! I write my OWN. I just look around for more information on the subject! I copy and pasted the wrong one! I normally do this at 1am when I'm bored!


I missed it. ;-;