Don't like people tagging your groups? Stop that with one simple trick!


Step one: go to group
Step two: change who can @mention this group to only members, moderators, admins.

Try to tag NindroidTester. Unless you’re a member, you can’t.



I don’t have a tag group anyway, but this is really helpful for the ones who have groups. Don’t you ask @t1_hopscotch for making groups?


Yes, when she served as a forum moderator. She doesn’t do that anymore


Yup, does not work
I think.


This made me think of an ad…


That is really cool, and is especially useful for coding clubs and similar things. Thank you for sharing this! :slight_smile:


Pretty cool! Although I don’t have a group, this could be useful for the others that do have groups!!


Lemme Test with


Um @Petrichor how do I do step two :speak_no_evil:


Edit the group settings, near the bottom


Where? I go to the manage thing but it just has the bio thing and some other stuff but nothing relevant?


Under interaction


I see nothing called “interactions”…


On the side


What’s a tag list?and what’s omtl?


The omtl is the largest group on the fourm

A tag list is a list of people who are tagged when either their group is tagged or if you ask someone to be on their tag list making it so every time a topic is made by them you’ll know


Ah, it’s only visible in Desktop view…


@hopscotch-curators @SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_ why was be a city destroyer removed from featured?


I’m not sure, I didn’t remove it.


Helpful. I have no current groups but when I join one this can be helpful.