Don't like new editor!


Does anyone else not like the new editor? I don't. I liked dragging blocks and being able to just drag them off the editor to delete them. I wish we could choose between the two!


If you could choose between the two, hopscotch would cost money.




Hopscotch does cost money now


Didn't they make it free because they couldn't decide on a price?


Hopscotch is free, at least on my app store. But the school cersion isn't


Uh... I dont know. But we should GBOT


They go rid of the school edit opion.:grinning:

@teddyweddy23 I like it!

It just takes some getting used to.

I thought it was bad at first but it's great and as well @team worked hard for us so we should appreciate there hard work.:slight_smile:

But you can disagree but just maybe not make a topic.




I started out disliking it, but then I coded a couple projects and now I absolutely love it!


I don't really like the new editor. But I am now staring to like it!:wink:


Did you know that you can delete blocks by dragging them off to the left?
Drag to the left until you see a little cloud on the right side of the block