Don't Let Yourself Down



Once upon a time, there were two hopscotchers. Robo and Dino went to school together. Every 5th block, their school would have a code session, where everyone could program what they wanted to.

Robo is a talented game maker, and has 17 features already, with thousands of likes. However, Dino doesn't really think he himself has great projects. He likes making spirals, and cool illusions with the hopscotch shapes. He hardly gets ANY attention, he was never on featured, rising or even trending! Dino wants to be a great hopscotcher, just like Robo. What should he do?
(This is an interactive story, pretend you are Dino)

Try being innovative, make something no other hopscotcher has done before.

Hmm, but Dino really doesn't have ANY ideas! He is a bit jealous of Robo.

Ask Robo for Help!

Asking others is a great idea! Dino asks Robo, and Robo gives Dino a shoutout! Soon, he creates an awesome illusion project, which finally gets him on featured. :slightly_smiling: You did it!

Say Thank you to THT and Robo!

Good job! Being nice is always the key, and people will want to help you once again if you are polite about it!

Scream "I GOT FEATURED!" and ignore Robo and THT

Not really a great choice, remember who built you the stairs up! Remember to thank everyone that can help you.

Disclaimer: If this happens in real life, and the person you are asking does not respond, or does not want to help you, that means that he or she is not a good friend. They only want their popularity.

Cry about it, feel sad

Dino cries about it, and in class, he says "It's not fair..." Everyone in the class stares at him, and he feels humiliated. He quits hopscotch, and starts hating Robo.

Remember, try not to feel jealous! Keep on tryin' and one day you WILL make it! Being angry about something will not make anything easier for you, so stick with being positive!

I hope you enjoyed this, and was educational to you! I tried to tell this in a story, and I think it worked out.

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Haha im trying to read it and its updating every 2 seconds :joy:


This is a great lesson to us all! I have some friends in my class jealous about me being "famous", and I've offered shoutouts, however, they don't listen to me, which makes it hard for me to help! :wink:


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Its really not all about being featured or getting attention. Its about having fun and learning! :wink:


I love this! It's such a good example to show how people shouldn't give up!


This is amazing! Love the format. And yes, I agree! Sometimes the best things to do is use originality and creativity to make good projects! Envy won't help.. it will only provoke hard feelings and grudges. This is a great topic, @Follow4LikesOfficial!
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I like this! It's approved! @Follow4LikesOfficial edit


This is awesome I gave you good post!


I just took a random number, though coincidences do happen!:stuck_out_tongue:


This is an awesome story, thanks for sharing it:)


I'm glad you liked it! :D If anyone sees mistakes, please quote them. It can be embarrassing sometimes, and I didn't double check for grammar mistakes. :T


Yes, if I am mad at code the pillows go flying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is a great lesson for everyone! Thanks for making it!


Thank you for liking it! :D


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This is awesome! I don't use Hopscotch at school, but my siblings are kinda jealous...


Oh I'm the same dino!