Don't Let "Popularity" Define YOU



So I've been hit with something:
"Popular" people never give attention to "unpopular" people.

Is it true?
Why do others define you base upon a word. A number. It gets out of hand, goes too far. You don't know what to do.

Hypocrites? Hopefully not. I've been called one. It inspired me to make this topic.



Well said.


I agree that you shouldn't be defined on popularity, but it does seem like the popular people don't give attention to the popular people. I'm NOT saying I dislike the popular people, I'm just saying.


Yeah, that seems to be a problem.


3 questions for you to power.

1- Am I "popular"?

2- Do I pay enough attention to the "unpopular"?

3- Why does this matter?


Thanks! Anything you would like to add!
PS- Everything on there is true


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I love this!
100% awesome!


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I just got some major hate mail that inspired me to make this!


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People like likes because it makes them feel the appreciation THEY DESERVE. When people get lots of likes on ALL of their projects, people get jealous, and they feel like their projects deserve the same or if not MORE likes than the people who are "popular" and getting all these likes for NO REASON! then the unpopular people get jealous making Hopscotch a popularity contest. we already know the problem but the question is, "How do we fix it?"


They know. I was told to shrug it off, and it worked. It also gave me an excuse to watch Taylor Swift.


This is an example. @SmileyAlyssa pays attention to ALL hopscotchers, not just popular ones. She pays attention to amazing, original projects. It doesn't really matter the likes, as long as you work hard, you will be rewarded.


She's a great example!


Thanks! Before I was more known, I just kept coding and worked hard. I didn't care about popularity at all. It was just fun!


It's all about having fun and learning. :wink:


Yep! Loved it then, and I still love it! I don't care about popularity at all. I love our community, the projects, the fun of it all. Why is there even popularity? :-1:


Yeah!! All of the names we are called, we can't be treated like a normal person.


My answers: 1. No. 2. Yes. 3. I feel ignored.