Don't know how to word this question


I need to change my password, but I didn't register with my email. I also need to report things. How can I make this happen??


Ask @Liza maybe she can help
Boom @Anonymous


To link an email with your HS account, I think all you have to do is click "I forgot my password" (or whatever it says), type in your email, and then it links it and sends you an email about it. To report stuff, go into the project you're going to report and click on the three dots like you would if you were to remix it. At the very bottom, there should be a button that says Report project. Click it, choose why you're reporting it, and click done.


I don't know.

If you need a password changed and didn't register with an email, I don't think you can.

I once accidentally made an account without a password when my device glitched up on me. XD


I think it goes to your iCloud email if you didn't put one in…


Just email the Hopscotch Team at! :D

I don't think they reply on weekends though...


Hmm, have you not shared an email now?