Don't hug me I'm scared project



Hi, Linktastic929 here. I was planning on making a don't hug me I'm scared project on hopscotch. If you dont know what that is, search it up and watch ALL the videos. So, that all aside, I need some help! Someone who is good at music mainly. If your interested, put your Hopscotch username below. Before we start, you'll need to have seen all the videos. Good luck, and LETS GET CREATIVE! Don't hug me I'm scared jokes! Ha ha ah


(I watched them before, they are a bit inappropriate so if you're younger than 12 I suggest you shouldn't watch them)

(Not talking to you benny29 btw)


I ran out of likes I can't like sowwy D:


Wait you had leukemia right?



But Don't hug me I'm scared isn't very child friendly and some members will be very scared or uncomfortable after watching so I don't thing making projects like it is allowed :000


Hi @JaggedJeans! I would only have a trail or pixel art of the character, along with the music and lyrics of each episode!


@Dude73 @Rawrbear please look at this guys


If I have time, I'll try to watch the videos tonight, see how I could help! :D
if this is horror, I'll drag it on for hours and hours lol


It kind of is horror, but it is more of a joke on children's television. MatPat did a film theory and everything. Check out the two part theory as well!


I've never seen it. I honestly think it would be ok, since there are things like this on Hopscotch already, but I don't know.


Yeah, I'm not sure that something like this is allowed, since it isn't very kid friendly. :grimacing:


This sounds really cool!! My 6 yr old cousin talks about these


Really? Cool. But no one has said they would help!


I'd like to but I'm very busy. Good luck tho!!


Alright, thanks @Ella_13


Yes I did, but not anymore! Enjoying life without the fear of dying is so fun


Congrats for your recovery.
Hoping that it's gone for good this time


Me too! PS what is your account on hopscotch called? Mine is linktastic929!


I dont really wanna say.
Its full of rps.


Sooo? I still will think that your a nice person, and nothing will change that. Not even role plays.