Don't hide it, show it!


*This is not about LGBT for your information.

Dear Hops,
You don't have to pretend your someone else on hopscotch! You don't have to say your LGBT just so you can be "part of the group" or popular. Here are some common things people say they are/have.

  • Pretened they have a disease (@LotsaPizza and Choco and a few others are real, but it's not cool to pretend you have a disease)
  • Pretened they are LGBT+ (I know some of you may be, but others are doing it to be "part of the group"

And so many others. You are free to be yourself on hopscotch, so why try to be something your not?



WOO! Well said! I love this topic! :D


I agree! It's hard to believe that some hopscotchers pretend to be someone/something to be part of a group or get popularity. Why don't we all be ourselves and show the real "us".


@LotsaPizza how's your arm? I just remembered!


Wow! I love this topic! Great topic :D


on a website called scratch someone pretended they were sick(and they hated me)


They also pretend that they get no likes but they do and they pretend that they're dying to get likes


Oops, that reminds me I never get likes. Could you support me.



Love this topic! Whoo hoo!
I show meh smiles


AAAH! My arm!
My arm is pretty sweet, actually! It's always hidden under a sleeve thingy, so I don't look like a weirdo.
Thanks for asking!

Faking diseases are very bad.
For instance, Beta Thalassemia.
They are serious diseases! It is not good to joke around with them.

Thanks for making this topic!


LP, you should watch 'Dolphin Tale!' It's about a dolphin called Winter that lost her tail. And also- I hate how people fake stuff like being hurt or- you forgot people faking that their family is hurt/dead! It's offensive to those who have gone through real pain, not for attention, because they had to!


Aa ybody else hiding something or faking? :stuck_out_tongue:




It's also not cool to joke or fake mental illnesses or mental disorders as well.


Let's bump this up!

One thing I don't think I have said is that...

I am scared of everything, to the point where it becomes physical pain and I have to see a psychologist.

What is the point of faking that sort of stuff? Getting attention is fine, but not in such a way that you- I don't know, insult the people that really have to go through stuff like this every time they try to sleep.

Yup! Now what do we say XD


I also have autism and 3 words:
To the point where I yell at people for innocent things. I also have these...strange interests.

Though yours is terrible. Not trying to give you pity.


Strange interests? I'm the kid who's fascinated by Irish political parties and hedgehogs! My fellow weird person XD

No offense, weird is a good thing to me.


Nope I'm telling the truth for everything​:+1::+1:


I don't think I've ever said this before, but I have a disability.

I was born with my right ear....all weird. It's like 2/3 the size of my other ear and kinda folds on itself, the little hole is crunched up, and it's almost impossible for sounds to reach that ear's eardrum. As a 3 year old, I never experienced movies correctly. I didn't know the storyline to like, any movie, (Seriously all I knew about the little mermaid was it was about a mermaid named Ariel. Everything else was new to me) and I never knew the words to like any song until I was in like 2nd grade.

Also, you guessed it, it's impossible for me to play Marco-Polo. There are also other games which I'm terrible at, thanks to this.

No flagging, just thought this was the right topic to let it out there. I never understood how others were able to hear where a noise was coming from...


I've picked video game figurines and feathers to collect.