Don't get 30 game in Hopscotch



There is a game called Don't get 30
However, there is a glitch so you win.
You start. Choose "1". Then just keep going the opposite amount of moves that com goes. Example, if he goes 234, you go 5. If he goes 23, you go 45. If he goes 2, you go 345. Basically, if he jumps 3, you jump 1. He jumps 2, you jump 2. He jumps 1, you jump 3.

This is a hopscotch game :flushed:


I know how to beat it, but I can't :joy:. You have to be the one to get 27.


That's not a glitch, that is the point of the game! :smile:


Wow! It actually works!


Like 27,28,29 (see @Kiwicute2015's project)


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Here's the pattern guys
1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29


Actually @PopTart0219 you have to be the one that gets to 25 :blush:
Then if they put 26, 27, or 28, you can put a 29.


Wow, that is a hard game! It took me a long time to win.


It's more like an impossible game...

Purple Hawk literally absolutely made it impossible to win... When you reach the last count... Say you are left with him saying 25

Like @H4x0r said, if you tap the number on the left, which means you jump 1 number, computer will jump 3 numbers. And when you tap the number on the right, you jump 3 numbers and computer will jump 1 number.

So if Computer says 25:

If you choose 26, Computer will count to 29.

If you choose 27, Computer will count to 29

If you choose 28, Computer will count to 29


PurpleHawk made so that you won't win!!


So that means you have to get 24!!!!


Somehow, someway!



A bit off topic, but I just posted my own game(that was a blatant remix of PurpleHawk's Don't get 30 game) that's called Don't get 22!! It's almost exactly like Don't get 30, except, you guessed it, the goal is to not get 22. I was bored at my Grandma's house, but I did put a lot of work into it :blush:


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I beat it without looking here
its sooo addicting I love this hopscotch game


yes you can :smirk:

Since the number 21 is in the pattern ya it works out well


I know!!

Btw @SnowGirl_Studios when you say I beat "it", do you mean don't get 30, or don't get 22?


no then com could go 25, then if u went 26 he go 27 28 29 u go 26 27 he go 28 29 u go 26 27 28 he go 29 :frowning:


don't get 30 im looking for don't get 22 then im gonna try and beat it
Edit: I beat it yay! im undefeatable lol @H4x0r


I bet it!!!!!!! Look