Don't Flag Unnecessarily


It's not fair to anybody that you do this. I made a topic on this before, and it helped a bit, but now it's gone too far,

I made

2 Back Up Topics For The Drawing Topic Because It Was Flagged Unnecessarily, BOTH WERE FLAGGED

If you're the one doing this, listen up:
You're not being funny at all. People are seriously annoyed at you because the Drawing Topic was FINALLY BOT, but you had to flag all three topics.


I shall say we invade!!!


Soooooooo sick of this!!!!!


ヽ(*≧ω≦)οΎ‰ .............


Its so annoying, They think they're funny and making ppl laugh, but they're not doing that. I wished they would just stop what they were doing and apologize, I would forgive them


That might not be the problem they could just do cause they think we're off topic


One thing to say. @OrangeScent1, only mods and admins know who flagged and what was flagged.


oh yea i forgot about that, but I think everyone got back on topic


It is a bit annoying I guess... It is NOT funny though.


I gotta post this...

Our current situation...

Cameo of @OrangeScent1 @CreativeCoder @Follow4LikesOfficial @LotsaPizza

You all have been summoned


Lol I just noticed, your username stands for CVS

CVS pharmacy

Ok.. Back to working on my project


Who do you think the mad Flagger is?


Does that say 'FLAGAH'? XD


Yeah.. The weapon the guys uses...



I think its....
A person who likes to troll people cuz they think its funny but its not and if is reading this comment should turn off their computer or ipad and back away slowly, walk outside and sit there XD


This is plan C. 22 more letters!


Definitely, but don't jump to conclusions...


XD so true but what happens when we run out of letters


Plan C?

Where did B go?


We go to numbers!! They are never ending!