Don't flag excessively everyy single time


Hey this is a reminder to not spam flag. It gets annoying and people can lose regular.
like a lot of flags get approved so.


Yes, spam flagging is not okay unless you flag something that is inappropriate or spam.


True. I think I know who you are…or at least I think I know who you’re referring to


I think you are either BlastFusion or William04GamerA


Spam Flagging is terrible, and I am very disturbed by it for many obvious reasons.

It is so important to flag for the right reasons!


I was saying I thought it was you because you said a similar thing, but now you brought to my attention that you don’t make alts


I am not.


guys calm down


That’s a sweet name, by the way :ok_hand:

But yes, spam flagging is not ok. Flags are given to use and a privilege. We need to use them correctly


Does it matter who I am
I’m willing to give this account to a spam flagger