Don't enter this topic if u don't like me (ella_13)


Sorry, I just thought you made that website a long while ago for talking about off topic things? :o

If you didn’t that’s fine and I’m just remembering wrong ;)


I believe that you are a nice person in real life, but we just can’t recognise that.

And sorry about some of the things I said in the past.





Sorry, I’m gonna have to put you on hold for a sec :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Ella, it’s @JojoDude but on a different account. Welcome back!

I really appreciate that you wrote that post, it’s really nice that you took the time to show everyone that there’s more to you than the bad kid that always gets in trouble on the forum.

I don’t hate anyone, that includes you, but you need to realise that some of the people here can’t take a joke, I had to make a whole topic on it:

Another thing you need to realise is that THT is looking out for the vast majority of their consumers, children. As a result of that, the parents of these children are really counting on THT to make the forum a happy place and unfortunately, in the eyes of these parents, as well as THT, swearing doesn’t contribute to that, and in most cases, is counterintuitive.

The reason for not allowing for outside contact is to keep the protective barriers of the forum up. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could speak to my Hopscotch friends off of the forum just as much as the next teen, but unfortunately, that leaves children vulnerable to the swearing and inappropriateness that the Forum Walls are meant to be keeping out. Social media is like a door to let those things in and out.

Trust me when I say this:

On the Forum, people act differently to the outside world. Someone could be your best friend on the Forum and a few months after getting outside contact with them, they’ll ■■■■ you in the back because they can’t take your opinion and don’t appreciate you trying to help them. It’s like they’re a different person off of the forum and, pay attention to this next bit, you’ll wish that you stayed friends with them on the Forum instead of off of it. This happened to me on another website and I don’t want others to experience it.

Anyway, once again, welcome back. I really just want you to understand why these things aren’t allowed on here and although I wish that I could communicate with people outside of the Forum, it’s better that Forum friends stay Forum friends.

See you around!



Cash is @Currency5097193 i think

  1. It’s ok! Just when you got suspended we were still doing the We Need Leaders Club.
  2. How do you know if she hates you?


Hey Ella.
You don’t know me, but I’m Kitty4U. It’s an honour to meet you. I didn’t know what you did, and honestly I don’t give a flying fish about what you did as long as you have changed. I hope we can be friends, because it seems we have the same views. I just don’t say them. If you need to vent, come to my GT! You’re welcome here in my eyes.


I checked and both Sports Star and InquisitiveElephant were made at the end of March, which was after her suspension. I don’t think those were her though. Irdk


I think silverysnow was her though


Silvery Stream? Yeah, that one was before her suspension was up. She argued a lot with Currency on that one though.


Oh, sorry I got it confused with snowdayay
That might have been fake snowday I mean


Snowdayyay was right after SilverStream so was I Love Puppies


Oh, ok.
I wasted all my likes on mini
It was about 130


Not gonna kie, that is a GREAT username!


Hi Ella…




Why the hidden text saying no?


Idk, I mean, I made this topic about her 1nce, Tyler went crazy, idk.


Yes… what do ya want


Hey Ella I remember you