Don't enter this topic if u don't like me (ella_13)


stupìd I think


So which accounts actually were you? I wasn’t around when you first got suspended. I don’t which people were actually you. All I can say is that by this topic, you seem like someone that deserves a second chance. So maybe you do state your opinions boldly, but everyone has opinions. You just have the courage to share yours, and thatis who you are, and people should respect you for who you are. Idk if we met on any of your alternates, but anyways, nice to see you.

Another thing, idk why someone flagged this. I know you will probably say because she was disrespecting THT, but how many times have we given everyone else second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chance? Like if one of your close forum friends does something that they shouldn’t do, would you give them another chance? I lied to FearlessPhoenix’s face, but they forgave me. For me, that meant a lot. Everyone should have at least a second chance no matter if they deserve it or not. You might say that you would give a close friend a second chance yet not someone that you have always avoided. We are all a community. We all should treat each other as if we were close friends.


Hi! I remember you. I don’t understand why everyone didslikes you.
I remember you as not dislikeable. Kind of funny.


but didn’t she already have a second chance if she was suspended several times?


I’ve only talked to you once or something and that was like two posts so.

I don’t agree that your topic should’ve been flagged, as you did say in the title to not come if your only gonna flag.

I agree with some of it as in people do flag stuff without a warning. I didn’t get through lots of it because I had to do something so I can’t say anything about the rest.

But I mean it is THT forum though so we can’t entirely use freedom the way you said because of course there are new terms of service(or whatever it’s called) and the FAQ. So the forum obviously has different rules than real life.
and of course there are also kids on the forum.

(And yea I don’t hate you, weirdly I was wondering if you were ever gonna come back to the forum yesterday or something)


People kept reporting her alternates. I don’t think they were suspended because of her being mean. However, I am not sure which users were actually her. SilveryStream (and the one made right after it) and the one that Currency made for her were perfectly nice. SportsStar and InquisitiveElephant were not what you would call kind though. I think InquisitiveElephant joined around the exact same time (as in measuring with minutes and hours) SportsStar was suspended. I wonder if she was Game Reviews.


Why hello there

Hahaha, you found my secret XD


Yeah, and “What’s done is done. What you do next is all that matters.” -FearlessPhoenix


there was a rule where you couldn’t really have alternates when you were suspended, When were the accounts made and suspended? if they were before march then they weren’t allowed. And she could be lying


The one that Currency made for her was after March. Let me go check the others.


What Sophia was suspended?


Bright sunny day…don’t cost nothin


Um look at this you were replying to sophia


did you not read the post as a whole


I’ll read it again, but I did


Oh you meant “you” as in everyone yes?




Hmm I don’t remember too much of ella


Heyyyyy what’s up?

Ps. So many people almost brag about how they communicate. But when it’s them, it’s apparently cool.


probably because now there’s nobody who really forces the rules of that