Don't enter this topic if u don't like me (ella_13)




Technically you have the freedom of speech they just don’t want you to use certain words because some people on the forum are younger. They aren’t taking it away.

Think about it as if you went to someone’s house and they had a rule not to swear and you swore multiple times while there. They might have you leave there house.


I agree with you that they should’ve talked to you about it


hOi. I think this whole thing is really unfair…
It’s like, you just wanna be on the forum, but it’s like stepping running across a bridge of accounts that are falling beneath your feet. I just feel like we should just let Ella have an account, considering her first one is gone. Come on guys, we can do better than the way we’ve been.


Oh, that makes sense

I was wondering why the ella_13 account didn’t exist


Hiya there!
I never actually knew what you did
But I did know that you were here!
I am glad you’re back
And I am hoping that you won’t get suspended again


yeah those are called rules


Seriously guys? This was flagged? Just because she’s Ella doesn’t mean she deserve to be flagged. She explicitly said that in the message too. :/


I agree!


Eh I’ve learned to not let people’s past get in the way, as long as they know what they did was wrong


ohmgee hi ella
i’m not going to comment on the post for reasons, but welcome back


Who flagged this


someone who still holds a grudge, i guess.


Heyyy Ella remember me


Wait. Why’d you tag everyone if you said don’t enter if you don’t want to??

Plus, if your back after being gone after a long time, you can now use:
For tagging the omtl. It’s pretty amazing! :smile:
(I cancelled it so it actually doesn’t Tag everyone one for this post)





i have no idea what’s up w/ cash atm
why was this flagged lol


Cash is currency.
Makes sense, since cash IS currency


Hello, Ella! Nice to see you back around :)

I hope you do not get suspended again because you technically did serve your time. I think this could be a good quote for you, @Donotputmeonholdpls. “What happens in the past doesn’t matter, because you’re not heading that way”.

@Currency5097193 Ella’s back!


What was the blocked word?