Don't enter this topic if u don't like me (ella_13)




oh sorry


Hey Ella,
How are ya doin? I believe in 2nd chances so I’m giving you a chance. The forums been odly quite.
Anyway if you want to hangout just come to my gt!




Sup dude

And I’ll hang out like tmrw bc I’m rly tired

Thx for the second chance btw

Ppl don’t realize that tht never gave me a second chance and a clean slate. They always held my past against me which makes to hard to put my past behind me


oh yes hello

i’m sorry i didn’t read the top

i didn’t know you do i just want to say

where you sofpia smarts or something like that


No lol

And whats upppp


alSO i do forgive you so don’t get me wring thanks
i read a lot of ur stuff one day


doing good hbu dude


Im doing alright thx for asking


It’s nice to know your still here Ella_13, I missed you! But I don’t know if you remember me. Anyways, I don’t hate you, and I don’t think Liza does either. Think about the positive! Your back! In a new account! That’s like a new chance, a new chance to make a first impression!


First of all, I love your username, I find it true, yet hilarious. XD

Second of all, I remember you from last year. What’s up? Besides the adoption stuff and the suspension drama.


Haha thank u

And nothing much. Just enjoying my summer while it lasts haha wbu


Sorry I don’t rly remember u

And I’ve made like 1 account since my suspension and Lisa just suspends me lol bc she hates me


Yeah same with me tbh

Our car is being fixed now (long story lol) so we’re just driving around in this big ol’ pickup truck and it is amazing


My car is being fixed but we got a Range Rover rental thingy



Hi Ella! :00

I kind of agree, what would be perfectly okay in real life can get you flagged here. I think it’s because, as you said, you can’t tell who’s making a friendly joke and who’s actually being rude over the internet. :P

By the way, can we put our past differences aside and be friends? I admit, we argued a lot and I was kind of a jerk at some points XD


I actually didn’t communicate w ppl outside of the forum so stop accusing me of that


Haha I was a jerk too so it’s ok