Don't enter this topic if u don't like me (ella_13)


Im on hold but I have messages for certain ppl:
@Liza and @Rodrigo , am I forgiven?

@sophia71205 I’m on hold rn but for some reason, I can edit this post bc it was flagged. So thx flagged haha! Pls tell liza to take me off hold again and show her what mr. Rex wrote pls

Wow I’m gonna start by saying that this new layout is rly different than the old one lol

Hello it’s me
^the Adele reference right here

Dear hopscotch forum,
Why don’t y’all hold your flags until you finish reading? I know that some of y’all really like to press that flag button especially for me. Oh and who am I you might be asking… I’m ella_13. Yeah the infamous ella_13. Oh no. But honestly, do y’all think that I don’t see you guys saying stuff about me? I can still see the forum even if I don’t have an account… so anyways, I bet one of my many haters will probably flag this. Well if you are a hater than save ur breath bc I don’t care

I haven’t been v active lately for several Reasons 1) I had a lot of tests and hw but now schools out 2) I had a lot of sports 3) the whole forum hates me 4) liza doesn’t like me 5) we r in the process of adoption

Well anyways, I’m not a bad kid. I know some of you guys think I am but I’m not. I can really good grades, I’m good at sports and I’m a nice kid. I’m that kid that’s asked by the guidance counselor to help kids on crutches even if I don’t know them. I’m the role model student in school. But I’m not a role model on also really funny and sarcastic. Obvisouly you can’t tell if someone is being funny or sarcastic over the Internet. So sometimes y’all get offended. And I know you guys don’t like when I say this but sometimes you guys are sensitive. Like ok my household, you just roll with everything. Here, people freak out if someone calls someone else a idio.t. And by the way, yall flag way too much lol

Oh and about the whole communication outside the forum… my logic was that I’m 13 and tht can’t control me. Honestly, they act like our parents sometimes (no offense)

Do you know what started my suspension? I started as one of y’all, my goal was to get leader. I was helpful and kind. But I guesss i kinda got fed up. Y’all are what my parents would call sissys honestly or a mamas boy. I just got mad I guess. I didn’t like how one little thing made y’all go crazy. And once you get suspended once, it ruins ur rep. So I kinda gave up honestly

And I’ve seen a bunch of accounts claiming to be me that arent me. But whatever

So there’s been this whole freedom of speech debate. The only time you can’t have freedom of
Speech is if it promotes violence. And since HQ r in NY (USA) we get freedom of speech. So that means that we can swear without getting in trouble. We can state our opinion even if it is against what most ppl believe. So liza and rodrigo, u r technically Violating our rights when u suspend us for swearing btw

So this is a message to liza and rodrigo. Here’s the deal. U technically can’t suspend me rn bc I haven’t don’t anything wrong and I’ve served my suspension (it was over in march). So I might be a problem to U on the forum. An obstacle to having a perfect forum. But let me tell u something. The mature adult would deal with their problems. Ya know maybe they would apologize or be the bigger person. But of course you aren’t mature so I shouldn’t expect that. Instead, u just suspend me every single time. How would u feel if that happened to u if u weren’t doing anything wrong? It wouldn’t make u feel happy I can tell u that. Is this how u deal w problems irl? I rly hope that’s not how bc then u will never be successful. This might sound mean but this is what I’ve been meaning to say for a while bc it’s the cold, hard truth. U guys don’t have to agree w me. I’m ok w that. I’m ok w ppl agreeing w me unlike liza. If someone sends something that she doesn’t agree w then suspension time! In real life, if you have a problem then do u go around the problem instead of trying to solve it? Because that’s what you do here. Instead of talking to me or apologizing, you suspend me. Ever heard of facing your problems? Not something that u do

And I swear on my life that like half of the accounts that were made weren’t mine
I just wanted to come and say hi
I get that some of u guys hate me but idrc. We don’t have to b friends. I rly couldn’t care less if a bunch of online kids want to b friends w me

Sorry if any of this sounded mean but I’ve been meaning to say this for a while lol
Also, let’s bet 5 bucks that I’ll b suspended within 20 mins

This is a point that everyone should read:
So we have 2 kids living in our house who are from Massachusetts foster care. I am not going to go into details of what happened to them bc it isn’t appropriate for kids. All I can say is imagine the dirtiest house ever then multiply by 5. Imagine the meanest parents ever then multiply by 5. The kids are a boy (age 9) and a girl (age 4). The boy had been through so much yet he is the nicest kid I know. He strikes up convos w random Ppl. He formed a friendship with the mailman and our lawn service ppl. So I guess hearing what they have been through shows me that’s it’s ■■■■■■ to fight about stuff like this on the forum that doesn’t matter. So some advice I have is chill out and just be nice. That doesn’t mean reminding ppl the rules every 5 secs bc frankly it gets annoying

Thank you!
And peace out


Ps don’t get all sensitive if its “a bit mean” bc y’all need to hear the cold, hard truth

and I’m sorry to liza and rodrigo for causing trouble. This post wasn’t supposed to b officense but some ppl might take it this way. I was just spilling my feelings TBH
wheres my friend friendship/currency/cash at?


Hi there…I don’t hate you since I barely know what you’ve done XD


Ahahah sup


Nothing much, really but I’m bored

I’m going to think over your topic, though


Yes, we do have freedom of speech in the US, but this is their forum, and they can do whatever they want on it. That’s like saying that a school can’t punish kids for swearing. It makes no sense.

I don’t have much input on the rest, because I don’t really know what happened, but the whole post in general seems a bit rude towards THT. I’m not going to flag, so don’t blame me if it does get flagged, because it is a little rude.

(By the way, I totally don’t hate you. :+1:)


About you getting suspended five times and how it was unfair…

I’m thinking about it because, after reading old topics it seemed unfair but then I disagree with a bit of what you said
But I’ll just think more about it since I have five minutes


what did you do agian


I copies and pasted a bunch so
Idek what I wrote in this topic TBH


Idek hahahahahahahah


Oh ok



And basically I was suspended for a bunch of stuff I didn’t do


Message to ppl bc I’m on hold:

I’m on hold but for someone reason I can edit this. Pls @ Lisa and tell her to take my off hold pls. Pls show her this post that mr Rex wrote

Maybe one of ur should make a topic saying we should take ella off hold lol and give her a second chance​:wink::wink: forgive and forget

Sorry dudes @Liza and @Rodrigo

I think the solution is to make me leader lol



This rises up with a bunch of ‘judging because of past stuff happening’ (with THT) thoughts but ok (I mean no disrespect, we all do it)



It’s confusing



Yo long time no see

And honestly it’s all my feelings and it might b rude but it has to be said

Plus it’s the truth

They always suspend ppl who go against what they say lol


In my school or any other school in my district you’d probably get punished for swearing … xD

I mean, this is pretty much a tween/teen community

maybe because there are young people around here
and they don’t want people cursing around them…


I know I’ve told you this before, but anyway, I’m going to tell you again :)

It’s the Hopscotch team’s forum, so your logic isn’t really… Logical. The forum belongs to them and they get to make the rules. We are only using their forum, so we should follow their rules ;)


Yeah i guess

Still Idk lol


I guess the main problem is the communication outside of the forum…

Also, bye!


Ur kinda right

Yes they can (I guess) control what I do on the forum. But they can’t control what I do outside the forum

So they can’t suspend me for communicating (on let’s say) on musically/Instagram/ docs bc they have no control over what we do outside of the forum

Plus, I asked haters to not comment pls lol