Don't be sad! Be happy!



When someone is sad .Come here I will regularly post things to make u happy .All of you can post funny stuff

I know this has already been done but it's not in use and I thought we might need to make a fresh one


I can't. I have depression caused by somebody.


Who is this person


Somebody. I can't mention their name because they are gonna lash out at me.


Thais is a great topic! :D


And they are on the forum.


Ok well thsi person is mean


Ik Becuase


True dat.

And great topic!


Is this similar to this topic:? :D -


Read what I said at the top. :smiley::smiley:


What do you mean it's 'not in use'

The last post was only 7 hours ago :wink: I think we can still use that topic :stuck_out_tongue:
People just weren't on the forum to need support!

Please don't make duplicate topics ;D


I didn't realise TAHT one .Its kinda different .I think lemme check


Ok! :D


I checked .This one is where we try to make them laugh and not think about it .Taht one is supporting them thro it .Can I keep this?


Ya I think it is fine to keep it:)


It's me for talking about depression I don't know how it caused you to have it but whatever.