Don't Be Hard On Yourself!


So, you're making a project. La de da. Then you publish it- and get a remix saying, "You're reported!" You frantically search through your project. You think, "I did nothing wrong! Should I ask them why? What's going on! I'm so mad that I got reported for no reason!"

Then... for whatever reason... you fall to pieces. Why? I have no idea. You freak out, telling yourself things like, "I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON! I GOT REPORTED?! THAT'S THE WORST! WHY?! EVERYONE HATES ME!!!!!!!!!" You post a sappy goodbye on HS and the forums. What you do next? Who knows?!

Please guys. Don't overreact and put yourself down. It's not the end of the world. Nobody hates you just because they reported you for something you may not have noticed or you make a mistake in code. I mean, really?

Any thoughts would be nice! I'd just like to say: I feel upset and confused when people are too hard on themselves for making a simple mistake.


Great topic! :D

Irl I'm actually really hard on myself ;-;
Yeah, try not to overreact! it will do gud! :DDD

A flag or report isn't worth quitting over :D



But don't be hard on yourself because you're amazing!


I agree Smishy! This IS a great topic! :DD

Sometimes people give me suggestion on what i should do to make me projects better...At first i thought that they thought my projects were bad...but then i realized they were just giving me ideas to IMPROVE me projects!


Aww! Thank you! @treefrogstudios
Tho I get depressed and get all depressed about nothing a lot D:

I try not to know, I'm doing better! yey!

Yeah! Same, some people find stuff wrong with my projects, so I take it into account for next time :D


I know what you mean XD




Okay, I'm about to do something weird: show you what these posts would look like without my careful deleting of typos (I have some sort of typo disease RN XD)

Yousk shoudlsnt be so harde on yourselfesv because everyone meske mistakes (autocorrect saved the parts that made sense XD)


What you can get remixes saying your reported?!


Like, if someone reports you and remixes your project telling you that they reported you :slight_smile:


Ohhhhhhhh. I've never done that. I'm a couch potato XD


Great topic! #be_yourself


Well put! I'm sure this will help lots of people!


Thanks! :3


It's better to do it to yourself than to do it publicly, because then it will make yourself feel worse (especially in social media and whatnot)


But it's not good to do do yourself either :wink:


It's better tho
And sometimes you feeling sad makes you feel better
And the winky police just came


Well said!!! :D

I agree, don't overreact and don't be hard on yourself! You're an awesome person who doesn't deserve either of those things ;)

POTATO is what I say to your logic